By Anonymous - 05/09/2015 08:39 - United Kingdom

Today, while using a portable restroom at the park, I discovered all too late that some very hostile and territorial hornets had made it their home. FML
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Sounds like a pain in the ass.


Guessing it stung when you peed

Well op I'm curious where did they sting ya at?

Sounds like a pain in the ass.

better there than on the balls

I hope you're not allergic like I am. I'd be dead as shit.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Something similar happened to me once, it was the worst time for the door to get stuck and not open.

Dude, I feel sorry for you now. At least OP could run away

Don't be too butthurt.

This could make for some absolutely awful comments.

look next time

Because we all expect there to be hornets in a restroom ?

walk out slowly & beecareful