By callmeclarence - United States - Valencia
Today, I took my clothes off for a shower at an RV campsite. I started running the water when I noticed there was a pack of hornets in the bathroom. I stood there, stark naked, waiting for a chance to get out, for four hours. FML
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  MzZombicidal  |  36

There was also a time before the spider incident where I ran into one of those screeching owls while exploring and nearly headbutted a tree trying to run away. Nature isn't very friendly to me.

By  notabeachbabe  |  13

why did you stand in there with them instead of just getting out? If it had been me, I would have just gotten my clothes (or towel) and backed out slowly. Standing there gives them more of a chance to sting you..

  ladyvidel  |  19

Hornets are extremely aggressive compared to honeybees or yellow jackets, and have been known to chase people for up to 2 miles if provoked. To top it off, it doesn't take much to provoke then. FYL indeed, OP.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I agree with 3, standing there that long is a little crazy. I'm sure there was another opportunity in that time to get out. Although hornets get angrier quicker I'm sure they wouldn't mind you walking past them slowly as you obviously did eventually. I still hit FYL as you didn't deserve this, but standing there for 4 hours is a really long time and a little nuts in my opinion.

  geekchick88  |  17

7 - Actually, scientists have proven that hornets are LESS aggressive than wasps and will only attack if there is a serious provocation. (My mom got stung once because she was pruning a bush and cut too close to their nest.) Yellow jackets, which are wasps, are the ones known to attack at any time for no reason and pursue you unmercilessly until they've stung you. There was a very large hornet in my kitchen the other day that was surprisingly cooperative when I placed a cup over him to get him out of there. He didn't freak out, he just walked up the side of the cup and flew away when I opened it outside.

OP, you should've just finished your shower and slowly walked out. The chances are very good that they wouldn't have bothered you.


35- that's one calm hornet. I was playing as a little kid and accidentally provoked their nest... I ran all around my yard and they stung and chased me for about ten minutes until my parents came. I wish they were calm like the one you saw.

  NinjaDitto623  |  14

I was chased down a hill by a nest of hornets in the third grade. They are very agressive, but once I got a safe distance from their nest they left me alone. OP should have just got dressed again and slowly walked out of there. I seriously doubt they would have cared if you they were trying to leave.

  turtles4life  |  24

Scientists may have proven that, but I've had a much different experience with hornets.. I was outside with my brother and he got too close to their nest, they darted out and one flew straight into my nose and stung me. Apparently that wasn't enough though, as they chased me around the yard until I ran inside.


You guys realize there are a ton of different species of hornet right? That would account for the variability you all see in aggressive behaviors. Locality will also make a difference. There is no way in HELL I would stand in a bathroom for FOUR hours regardless of what type of hornet they were. If you were able to enter the bathroom without making them attack you, you will be able to leave. Other people have obviously come and gone without issue as the nest didn't appear there over night. I deal with a nest of hornets or wasps weekly on my property. I remove them in broad daylight and I haven't been stung yet. It is totally possible to behave around hornets, wasps and bees in such a way that won't get you stung. You have to remain calm, if you are not calm around bees you are much more likely to get stung (I realize it is not realistic to expect everyone to stay calm around bees, they scare the shit out of some people). Then again I come from a family of beekeepers and I understand them a little better.

Random tip: if you need to quickly immobilize bees and you don't have any "bug spray", mix some dish soap and water into a spray bottle or better yet, a super soaker, and quickly soak them with it. The soap breaks the surface tension and coats the bees completely with water. They won't be able to fly and chase after you and you can do whatever you need to do. Some drown from this, most of them survive it if you do not kill them. I use this method to shoot down carpenter bees that I can't reach. I live in a log home and the only way to get rid of carpenter bees is to manually hunt them down one by one. So I use the soapy water to stop them from flying so that I can swat them. The males can't sting (they have a white patch on their face) so don't be afraid of them and their empty threats.

  metalhedcop  |  6

OP was probably frozen with fear, though I do agree that 4 hours is a little long. I'm deathly scared of everything with wings and a stinger and have been frozen with fear around the things, but I think I would've taken the opportunity to calmly escape long before the 4 hour mark.

By  jdf2  |  10

How did you end up getting out? The hornets went away or somebody else came in?

  badluckalex  |  23

op waited for those little shits to attack the next person who came in before retreating fully naked while screaming like a little girl. thats what I wouldve done lmao.
on a more serious note - I really hope op isnt allergic to bees!!

  singer0421  |  32

As one who owns an RV, most shower stalls I've come across have two separate rooms. You walk in to a little room with a bench and some hooks then go past another curtain to get in the shower. But for all I know the hornet's nest was in that little room...

  LisaDay  |  14

I've only been to one campsite that was like that and it was privately owned, you had to be a member there. All the public ones I have been to have the showers lined up on one side with half doors or curtains and then there is a long bench outside the shower for everyone to get dressed together.