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Today, I visited my grandparents at their farm. When I went to pee in the outhouse, I noticed a round thing in the middle of the hole, so I peed on it. It was a beehive. FML
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Damian95 16

Come on now what's all the buzz about? All this hostility stings and its buggin me. Lets bee nice and just focus on how stupid this pun is.


Damian95 16

Your comment really bugs me. It almost stings to read it.

How on Earth did you not know that it was a hive. Reading this makes me feel very fearful for humanity (and how you've lived past 12)

I do not, well can't you hear bees? I'm not born in the country side and I've only seen perhaps one in y life, and it was pretty obvious. It's not meant to be as cutting now I read it back, but I seriously am concerned how this person hasn't done serious damage to themselves.

you say you've maybe only seen one in your life. maybe that's the same case for the OP and was this the first one he has ever seen.

Damian95 16

Come on now what's all the buzz about? All this hostility stings and its buggin me. Lets bee nice and just focus on how stupid this pun is.

He didn't know what it was, so he peed on it? Sounds very wise indeed.

He obviously thought that was the hole you pee into. He probably didn't see the hive because it was in a hole and sometimes holes tend to be ******* DARK.

I'm sorry but I'd find it disrespectful urinating inside other than in a toilet. Pee outside behind a tree, pretty safe. Just don't pee on things you don't know about...

1, OP said they saw a round thing in middle of the outhouse hole. Outhouses tend to be quite dark, and he probably only saw a dark outline of a shape. Even if that's not the case, why do you get so agressive because somebody can't recognize a behive?

You are fairly rude, does this really warrant swearing? I just said my opinion, and it's not particularly offensive (or directed at you personally.) I've said it was written a little harsh, I'm no monster. But seriously, it was a dumb thing for them to do, and I bet they'll learn from it. It was really just concern for their person, I mean... That's got to hurt?

#2, I'll be honest with you. Everything you say sounds incredibly ignorant. This guy most likely didnt know what a beehive looked like. Think about the situation from all angles before abruptly jumping to a rude conclusion

I'm sorry if I come off as aggressive. It's not meant to be like that. I'm not being aggressive, but I just wonder how long these people are kept inside not seeing/experiencing things.

RedPillSucks 31

@Ukeee_X- An outhouse is an outdoor bathroom with no plumbing. There's just a small building the size of most apartment closets, with a bench and a hole cut in the middle of it. Even if you're totally familiar with the outdoors, this would be the last place you would expect a beehive.

How on Earth do you not know that its dark inside the hole in an outhouse? You can't see what down there, and you shouldn't want to.

Outhouses are bathrooms... And it's a room outside... How is is disrespectful to go to the bathroom in an outhouse? I'm wondering how long you were kept inside not experiencing things 33....

In the UK we don't have "outhouses" or at least not for about 60 years or so. So that's ignorance on my behalf for not knowing about the US's toilet habits. Sorry. That's not through a lack of experience though.

Most people in the US don't use outhouses. I've never personally used an outhouse, but I still know what it is...

@55 - You metaphorically pissed on a beehive with your original comment. I know everyone is adding their two cents as two why you're wrong and it's probably frustrating, but in reality, they're right. The circumstances are unusual, including the outhouse (not modern American toilet practices, but he was visiting the elderly on a farm).

maniaccy 8

In the end, I hope we can all agree that he was very lucky for not being a girl and having his privates brutally stung.

@Ukeee_X I've got to say I haven't seen anyone on FML constantly get thumbed down more than 3 times and just keep replying, most people know when to shut the **** up

I live in the uk, and damn right we have outhouses.

Wow, Ukeee, you are one tenacious little girl. Unfortunately, when you're tenacious about a subject of which you have no knowledge, it just comes across as annoying. Seriously, though, the noise from a bee hive is mostly the bees moving their wings very quickly to keep the hive cool. If it wasn't too warm in the outhouse, they may have been quiet. And, as someone else pointed out, you really don't want to examine things in an outhouse too closely.

Who the **** cares . He peed on it not you so chill the **** out . Its kinda pointless Arguing over a guy urinating on a bee hive .

fishstick557 14

It's not pointless. His stupidity warrants an iq test

gurly98 13

2 Dude, just stop talking...

fearful for humanity? get over yourself.

Stop being a stuck up bitch who tries to inform others on a topic that she knows nothing about. It doesn't make everyone on FML like you because you are 'strong-willed', but makes them hate you because you are an ignorant, bossy, annoying bitch who needs to get the **** off FML. @Ukeee_X

Just leave please, no one wants to hear you frantically attempting to defend your ignorant ass.

philbelfrage 13

33 obviously doesn't understand the rush that a man feels when he urinates on something he isn't supposed to. Although in this case his urine was targeted towards a proper location.

You're so irritably thick. Not everyone knows what a bee hive looks like. I don't, I only know what they look like in cartoons but I doubt they actually look like that. Don't be such an ignoramous and shut the hell up. There's a reason why every comment of yours is hidden.

ThirstyGrunt 6

I sort of agree with "number 2". I mean, you noticed a random, round object in the toilet. You didn't know what it was, so you pee on it anyway? Not going to say he deserved it, because it wasn't his fault...but that was still pretty stupid.

Definitely the biggest FML fight I've seen haha

#96 Do you know how dark an outhouse is? There ain't no windows in there, just think of the outhouse from Shrek.

While #2 is extremely condescending about it, she does bring up some what of a valid point, how does one even get into this situation? Yes a beehive could be hidden in an out house theoretically, but if it was an active hive wouldn't bees be flying all around it? Growing up I had one [beehive, not outhouse] near my house and it always had bees buzzing around if memory serves... That being said, what guy would 'pull it out' when there is a swarm of bees around?

How are you gonna say that he's dumb though for not seeing it was a hive when YOU didn't even know what an outhouse was? If suggest that in the future, don't question someone else's intelligence when you don't even know yourself what something is. And it DID come off as aggressive when you said that he made you "fear for humanity" just because he made a mistake

Wow. This has been the most entertaining FML fight to have read in all my 3 (or so) years of using this site. And that's mainly because six or seven people replied to Ukeee after the argument was over. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen, bravo.

I've read these comments again, there were actually around 15 comments after the argument ended. Lol.

OP didn't know what a beehive was like. This lady didn't know what an outhouse was like. Cheesecake is delicious. That's just the way things are.

Everything ukeee_x said was nothing helpful. How is it weird to pee in an outhouse? That is what it is for. Also, it is going to be hard to make out a beehive even if you seen plenty of them. Idk if you could hear them, but maybe Op didn't hear them at the time until it was too late. If you know you will not win an argument then just stop talking.

Your comment is why i believe in humanity again. Love me some common sence.

friedpwnadge 25

Wow, reading all the comments from ukeee really make me lose faith in humanity. No kind of judgemental and culturally biased ingrate like them should ever have the honor of first comment. There should be a filter for douchebag first comments in the site policy.

JFloUnknown 24

I want to be a part of this train! choo choo!!

dissention 4

Signed in for the first time in forever just to say that Ukeee is hilariously stupid. I'm rolling over here at how dumb you are.

Whoa. Must have put you in a pretty p!ssy mood.

You fail for thinking there's a censor for pissy.

Just putting it out there... That was a crap comeback.

Why are you being too much of a p!ssy to spell it out?

Sounds like some really rastled jamjams :^(

saad2605 16

Here we go again. First #2 now #3.

The comments on this particular FML have made me facedesk pretty hard.

No! Don't ruin your face! You look very beautiful in that picture, don't ruin it. And you have amazing eyes, yup I'm a sucker for the eyes..

friedpwnadge 25

Venom2421 is trying to get the V from an Fml commenter. We've reached a new level of desperation here.

It coulda been worse, you could have been pooping *shudders*

JFloUnknown 24

That would really suck ass. Or more like sting ass.

\ 28

Or cover itself in poop and raucously proclaim its love for ass.

12th commandment: that shalt not pee on things thou cannot identify.

"run for your lives" ~Iron Maiden Edit: beat me by seconds! Love that you're so young and still know this song!(:

lukep135 6

I'm pretty sure both comments are reference to the rush song..

103- no... It's Iron Maiden. It's one of their best songs. "White man came across the sea, He brought us pain and misery."

What kind of bees think to themselves, "Hey guys, you know the place where the giants shit. Wouldn't that be the PERFECT place to live?!"

I usually have a saying, " Its better to be pissed off than pissed on". I believe its safe to say the bees were both

death943 10

I don't get all the buzz about the bee jokes..

You didn't know what it was did so you pee on it? If I was like that I would be peeing on lots of things.

rg350dx 29

If you see something in a toilet, you pee on it. It isn't like he climbed into a tree, noticed a round object with a hole, and said, 'oh, I'd better pee on that!' No.

You're just going to hope to bee very lucky and to not have pissed them off. Otherwise, urine a lot of trouble, and it's going to sting a lot more than when you pee.

death943 10

Hive saw your jokes and they made me pissed that you took all of the good jokes.

Better to be pissed off then pissed on but stung or pissed on I think I'll take pissed on.

Zack6849 8

So it's better for op to be pissed off AND pissed on?

This is a time when the difference between then and than is important.