By ouch... - 03/03/2010 11:13 - United States

Today, while trying to pull a nail out of some wood with a crowbar in my theatre class, my girlfriend, who was holding down the wood with her foot, thought it would be funny to move her foot and make me lose my balance. Instead, the crowbar flew up and struck me in the nuts. FML
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on the bright side she'l do everything you ask her to do for the next few days......


on the bright side she'l do everything you ask her to do for the next few days......

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Aww I'm sorry. You should dump her.

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Test if you can still have babies on her face!

Sounds like you are in an abusive relationship with that crowbar... I would advise you try to go back to your GF and see if she accepts you. Then again, if the crowbar also has an FML account, it may already be too late... So sorry to hear about your loss OP...

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YDI. 1) You use the back of the hammer not a crowbar. 2) You should know to screw it down to something rather than having someone stand on it. 3) If you fail at that, stand on it with your own foot. It isn't that hard.

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if he used the back of the hammer, his fml would be about him stabbing his nuts with the hammer head.

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I will never look at a Crowbar the same. That just gives me the Chills thinking about it. I'm so sorry OP

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why were yoy trying to pull a nail ot of wood in theater class....... Whaaaat thheee hellll. sounds like woodshop. whatev, anyway. fyl for having a RETARDED gf.(:

She's gonna be sucking the metal out of your wood tonight! ;)

@ 15 - You sir, are an idiot. The "back" of a hammer, is the 'head', while the "front" is the 'teeth'.

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wow, great angle. say, what's your number?

who is she? #1 as we can all tell she does not exist. I call fake he said theater and girlfriend in the same sentence

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adding to first comment, you could make her do a lot of things /elbow

i feel bad for the crowbar having to (feel) yur nuts

#62, that makes no sense whatsoever. OP, I'm sorry to say this, but you've got to stop bitching and let it heal without putting it online. I've been hit in the nads quite a bit today and somehow, despite not being hit by a crowbar, I feel fine.

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@58: So you're saying to part of the hammer that looks like claws is the, "head" and the part that is round and flat is/are the teeth?

better the crowbar than the nail perhaps?

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Don't blame the crowbar. He just wanted to blow him.

WIN! It's her loss really, because now she can't have your babies.

Lots of chicks are in theater class. There's a technical theatre class and a theatre arts class. In both you do a little work with building sets. Besides theatre ******* rocks.

I call some random number! That's right, delete me fools!

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Your girlfriend's hilarious. Dump the idiot.

No awesome analogies like the eggplant guy, but your crowbar beats his turkey. FYL

Well, YDI for having headcrabs in your crotch area.