By Carrie - 03/03/2010 13:21 - United States

Today, I was on a date with a guy I met online. After 30 minutes, he abruptly stands up and says he has to leave. He practically ran out of Starbucks to get away from me. FML
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His Polyjuice Potion started to wear off. Odd, it should've lasted for an hour.

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He probably had diarrhea from the coffee. Don't be so quick to judge.


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If it was after 30 min at least he didn't think you were hideous and walk out right away. Maybe something just unnerved him... You know, maybe he forgot he was supposed to meet his wife to watch Johhny's soccer game or something. Either way he probably wasn't super into you and no one deserves settling for someone like that.

Yee did you SERIOUSLY just say that?? don't be a morron. OP, i'm sorry that is weird and sucks

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@11, I really hope you were kidding. OP. fyl!!

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YDI for having a date at Starbucks.

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#16 you spelled moron wrong you moron. and why are you out of the kitchen? Go make me a sammich!

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She was out of the kitchen on a date. She was obviously looking for a man to serve. =) I love the smell of sexism in the morning.

What is it with the sexist jokes lately? What's next, racism? Or do those jokes actually get moderated?

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My racist joke got moderated, yes. Mexican can't joke about Mexicans

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sexism, watch out! it offends cause it's true!

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now that is why you dont get together w/people online. it is completely different to talk to someone through aim or whatever.. compared to REAL life, in person, or talking on the phone. YDI, for lowering ur standards to internet dating. tsk tsk

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@94: Yes, because no one ever ended up in a satisfying relationship after having met online. My husband and I met on an internet forum. More and more people are meeting online. This is no different from the rest of human history. People meet their spouses in the places they socialize. Church, work, school, bar, group of friends, and now the internet.

Agreed with birds! The two best boyfriends I've had, I met online (including my current). Ive also made numerous amazing friends all over the U.S. Some of them better than most of the people Ive met IRL. Most of them don't even feel like internet friends anymore because we've spent so much time together IRL.

xoconnie, welcome to the 21st century. I net my husband online. We have been together 6 years.

Obviously, he is married and his wife is on to him. She loaded his drink with some extra-roto rooter strength laxative.

no she was just a bitch that's y I left lol jk

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LOL @ 118. Of course I would find that funny.

I want to sex the dudeitsdanny kid, no liee(;

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97- So am I. I've even lived in mexico. If I couldn't laugh at myself, who the heck can i laugh at? Chill =) Its easier to laugh and play along than to get upset over fake racism. Real racists.. I kick ass without taking names. But if someone jokes about me selling oranges on freeway exits, I laugh from the comfort of my college classrooms =) what's better than being able to take things lightheartedly and live a full, rich life without getting upset? The less seriously you take it, the less they do it. Just ask my ex's actually racist parents. ;D 121- ;D If you're 18+.. hit meh up ;D If you're not.. Pretend you are =P

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maybe he really had to leave....

lol DudeItsDanny is awesome man and I still need to change this ugly pic :S

#66, nowhere in the post does it say the date was going well, just that he left 30 minutes into it.

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AhAhahahahahaa AhhahaAAHHHAHAHAHAhAH

Maybe there was trouble in Gotham...

ydi for faking your eharmony pic.... ugly

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dudeitsdanny 9

dudeitsdanny is getting all the lady's(; haha

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b***h who said you can use the computer get that ass in the kitchen n make me a sandwich

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it definately doesn't suck. obviously he forgot he needed to be somewhere and was late

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or, a family member or friend notified him that they hurt or were in trouble

or, he had an epiphany about how much better he could do.

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mebbe she was supposed to suck?

or maybe she was supposed to swallow? The world may never know!

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He probably had diarrhea from the coffee. Don't be so quick to judge.

What doesnt make sense? Coffee is a laxative, 30 mins is a looong time for someone to wait around if he was just gonna run out anyway. I agree, he probably felt sick or something.

it's not that bad if u just met him it would be worse if u knew him since u were 4 I personally know I wouldn't care

I agree, this is just some random stranger

His Polyjuice Potion started to wear off. Odd, it should've lasted for an hour.

Yes! Actually, I think another fairy tale suits even better... OP, try to remember! Was it near midnight? Did your date lose a glass slipper? Are you going to search for him? ...Oh well, I guess this isn't your fairy tale, after all.

He could have at least said, "It's not you... it's me..."

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perhaps it was just meant to be and he did you a favour by leaving so abruptly. he obviously has issues and instead of being honest he just bolted.