By Kidsthesedays - 09/11/2015 19:33 - United Kingdom - Saint Neots

Today, a kid came into the classroom I teach in to tell me there was "something" in the girls' toilets. "What kind of something", I asked? I was not expecting the answer "A period mural". FML
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They were right. That's certainly something.

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Well... That's just bloody brilliant.

I choked on my soda because of your comment. Jesus...

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I'm reading that boom right now! I've got to say it's quite weird but very interesting.

#34 I don't think you can read an explosion

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Lol, don't you just love keyboards? Book*

Ok there was a comment and I replied to what you see on top but then the person deleted their comment so ignore it!

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What kind of sick **** of a child would do that...

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"That's all it was?" What could be added to that to make it worse?

I had an unknown student take a shit outside my classroom door once. Never found the culprit, but something tells me I was not that kid's favorite teacher....

I get what you're saying, but copious amounts of blood is just disgusting no matter the cause.

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Good Lawd... what a creepy-assed way to describe it!