By Anonymous - 04/12/2014 19:33 - United States

Today, on a dimly lit red eye flight, I woke up to see my mom's head bobbing up and down in my dad's lap. I guess giving out stealthy blow jobs next to your sleeping son is no big deal. FML
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Must have really blown to wake up to that.

I hope your mom is willing to fund the therapy you'll need now


cmchappy 25

That's a nojob but seriously sorry op I recommend the traditional brain bleach

What happened next? Did you cry yourself back to sleep?

i would have gone to the bathroom, and stayed there.

or he would have requested his mom and dad to go to bathroom and clean themselves...

iSnipeFatPeople 18

I don't know if "cleaning" is the right term for what the parents'll be doing in that bathroom.

Just...why would they do that sitting so close to their child?

chlorinegreen 27

"Well son. When you get to be my age you learn to take get it anywhere you can." Where have I heard that before...

if he went to the bathroom and they followed him there, he'd get to watch them become a member of the mile high club too

I hope your mom is willing to fund the therapy you'll need now

Probably the greatest comment I've ever seen!

mibs3 11

I think we know how she will be "funding" it.

brndnmcmillan 13

A little head never hurt anyone!

No, but it only emotionally scared OP...Forever.

RedPillSucks 31

well, there was this one time when my girlfriend was giving me head under the dinner table. when i came, she jerked her head up so fast she banged it on the table. so a little head can hurt. also, have you ever been given head by someone with braces?

acerredrum 23

I've had braces and I never understood that saying. If I'm rubbing it along my teeth I am clearly doing something seriously wrong.

Exactly #106. Braces shouldn't come into effect since teeth shouldn't be used. Otherwise it isn't going well.

Mom: Just go back to sleep, son. Pretend this never happened.

She shouldn't be talking at all cause she is busy. Dad can talk still though.

Some things will never be unseen....this is one of those things. Sorry OP

Why on earth would they think that's okay?

cmchappy 25

They don't that's why it was attempted stealthily

Especially on a plane ride? With other people around?! Wtf

RedPillSucks 31

i love it when prrofile pictures match comments

They didn't think it's okay on Earth, hence it happened on a plane

#27 your profile pic and my profile pic should be friends. Love supernatural.

yeah theres a whole row behind them who also have a fair view of whats going on

#56 and #29, can I join in this Supernatural friendship? haha I love it!

Wowzers! Sorry man. I don't know what I'd do to get that memory erased if I was you. If you're old enough to drink it away go for it. One forget me shot away from bliss.