By anonymous - 04/08/2015 20:56 - United States - Ballwin

Today, while shaving in the shower, my mother banged on the bathroom door to tell me something, right as I went to shave under my left armpit, causing me to jump and cut open my nipple. FML
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Sounds like ahe got you in the nick of time

ProximityToDeath 20

Owww, even thinking about that hurts!


If I was you I would be more concerned that your nipple is in your armpit. Lol

he was enroute, probably passing by the nipple to the armpit

I can't imagine how painful that would be. That really sucks OP

I had mine pierced. That hurt like hell, and I'm sure it's a thousand times worse than that

amileah13 26

That's like my worst nightmare. Ugh, I feel your pain honey. Good luck with the recovery on that op!

ProximityToDeath 20

Owww, even thinking about that hurts!

Did u finish shaving? Nah jk that must really hurt. FYL

This is why men don't shave. To avoid such tragedies.

I shave. But then again, I'm gay. So... take whatever stereotype from that you will.

Not that I personally care what people think of me, but a lot of girls are self conscious if they don't because women are typically expected to shave.

I know a lot of men that shave, or at least trim. It helps cut down on smell if you perspire lots. I wish I could get my husband to trim.

I shave and I'm completely straight,. It just looks a whole lot cleaner

Yeah I don't know any guys that shave their pits...

I shave my arm pits since I sweat a lot and don't want that hair collecting the odor.

Omfg I would've cut her in her sleep as revenge.

Yes because I'm sure the mother planned it all out and waited until she was certain that OP was shaving until she knocked on the door....

1dvs_bstd 41

You sound like a psychopath, seriously.

I can never shave again after reading this.