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  ih82bl8  |  2

actually there are such things as vampires, they just aren't like Edward Cullen- they are just people who drink blood- no they dont bite people. but I love the taste of blood

By  gTOtheT  |  7

team Jacob!!!!!!!!!

  cocofruity123  |  0



Team, Enough of the God Damn Vampire Books Where One(Or Two) of the Vampires Fall in Love with a Feeble, Irritating Girl, and Glitter in the Sunlight, or Need Special Rings to be in the Sunlight(Or just any vampire that doesn't burn in the sun, I guess)

  DKjazz  |  20

The actual average intelligence quotient is 100, thus the name quotient. Therefore, half the human race would go extinct, the stupider half. The IQ test would have to be updated to compensate, and another half will be sterilized, and so on.

In short, UNNATURAL SELECT FTW!!!!!!1!