By Anonymous - 02/04/2012 03:59 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my dad told me it would be fine to use the mounting tape he'd bought to place paintings up in my newly painted room. I did, but after deciding I wanted to move a painting and pulling it off the wall, the wall came with it. Back to square one. FML
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I don't think the painting wanted to be moved...

SaMmIMonster96 6

I sure as hell hope you mean the paint!


Perhaps this is an fml due to op living in a box.

I don't think OP meant the whole wall literally, maybe some of the new paint came off or part of the wall if it was plasterboard, that mounting tape isn't supposed to be moved once its set in place.

BunBunBabe 8

I know exactly what OP meant because I painted my room several times with several coats of paint and after I added about 20 layers, even scotch tape or removable tape would take a large chunk of paint and tiniest bit of paper off. If that's the case it will keep happening until you sandblast it all off

I don't think the painting wanted to be moved...

Well don't people always cover imperfections in their walls with artwork?

SaMmIMonster96 6

I sure as hell hope you mean the paint!

Heavy duty tape rips down walls; everyone knows this... Wait... What?

Not going to lie, sounds like some epic tape. Now you can really tape someone's mouth up for good

coolboy675 16

And I thought duct tape solved everything... MY WHOLE LIFE'S BEEN A LIE!

Aww that sucks, at least you have a chance to make it better?

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I feel like OP's dad is messing with her...

Lizza330 28

What about the blue painting tape?

Uh.. She doesn't need painting tape. She needs something to hang pictures on her walls.

I hope you mean that the wallpaper came with and not the whole wall! If it did, you got to be really damn strong using really good tejp!

now use the mounting tape to stick you wall back up. problem solved.

BoredomCentral 8

You must have muscles in your shit to rip down a wall

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

What does OP's poop having muscles in it have to do with OP ripping out the wall?

Poop muscles are where some ancient cultures derived their greatest wall ripping powers.