By fuuu. - 19/3/2012 12:39 - Hong Kong
Today, while painting a wall, I handed a bucket of paint up to my friend who was standing on the top rung of a ladder. She said she felt dizzy, and came crashing down on me, along with the paint on my head. FML
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  desireev  |  17

You can get dizzy anywhere, anytime, anyplace! Whether it be at the top of a ladder or sitting on the recliner. (Weird example, I know! It was the first thing I could think of!)
Slow circulation or lack of oxygen to the brain causes dizziness. And anything can cause those two things to happen.

  angelk12  |  6

Today, while painting a wall with my friend, I got dizzy & fell from the top of the ladder , the can of paint fell with me & the jerk was more concerned of the paint falling on him than me falling from the top of the ladder. FML