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Today, I went to see one of my favorite bands. They were having signings, but only the first one hundred could get one. When I finally got to the desk, they said I was number hundred and one, and to get lost. FML
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It's amazing how some bands don't treat their fans with respect. It's the fans that buy the concert tickets and CD's and make it all happen for them, after all.

Wizardo 33

And this is why you shouldn't be fanatical over people who couldn't give a flying monkey turd about you, they're getting money so why care right?


It's amazing how some bands don't treat their fans with respect. It's the fans that buy the concert tickets and CD's and make it all happen for them, after all.

You know what they say. The more money you have after a certain point, the more depressed you become which translates to the fans like OP

Damian95 16

Yeah that's true but they couldve politely told him/her that is the reason they couldn't sign him/hers and thank him/her for bein such a patient and great fan.

Does this change your opinion on them now OP?

brand2017 9

Justwant to say it isnt the band's fault. Blame the people at the merch tent for it and/or the band's management. The band has little to no control over what goes on in the merch tents. Yesterday i was at warped and was in the first 10 to get a wrisband but had to buy a t-shirt and i only had card. They didnt have a card reader so the dude said hurry back we only have 100. I was lucky enough to be in the 50's when i got back.

I truly believe the public is to blame for celebrities becoming assholes. Could any of you really deal with millions of people calling you a worthless piece of shit AMD saying you should die?

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88 they say that about Bieber and 1D.

While I understand they have virtually no private life, they chose that lifestyle. I agree with a previous poster, they could have been polite about it.

88- People send Bieber death threats all the time.

SynysterNero 20

95- yes the bands have a lot of stuff to do, but they chose that life when they wanted to become a band. And even if they did have a limit they could have been nicer.

Wizardo 33

And this is why you shouldn't be fanatical over people who couldn't give a flying monkey turd about you, they're getting money so why care right?

pinguino3669_fml 23

People usually obsess over all the artists and actors who make tons of money, but never actually give a damn about their fans. It's the soldiers, firefighters, and cops who don't make enough who really deserve our attention.

If you've never loved a band with all of your heart, I can see why you would think like that. Most people never knowing the feeling of loving a few people on the other side of the world who will probably never know you, but once you experience it it's the most amazing thing in the world. You can remember every lyric, cry over their music videos and ache for one day seeing them live. OP, that must be very disappointing but keep in mind why you love them, the music.

Wizardo 33

#35, Exactly keep in mind that you like their MUSIC, doesn't change the fact that the band members themselves are pricks, can't associate personality with their music.

35 - That sounds ******* pathetic; cry over their songs and love them? You reek of weakness. Understanding a song and really liking a band is normal and so is maybe crying over a song because it touches your heart....but crying over their songs because you love them?

brand2017 9

#46- Reek of weakness? Who the **** are you to say. To be so in touch with each song and be in touch with a band to its very core isnt weakness. Its a connection on a different level than the average that people respond to in different ways. For example, #35 may cry for loving them so much. Myself, i form philosophies for living and ignite the fires of determination in my very soul. Not being able to understand that there is a level farther than you can apparently comprehend is weakness.

MermaidAnnariea 10

#35, are you 12? if you're obsessing that much over a band, something is wrong. it's totally normal to enjoy the music, even hope to meet them, but there's something wrong once you start saying you're in love with them and cry over their songs because you love them so much. they don't know you. and they're just a band.

I'm sure the OP didn't know "at the time" that his band would be so rude and say-- get lost at the end. I understand that the band put a limit on their signings and can't be there all night but to be rude to someone that made an effort to wait in, what I'm sure was a long line vs apologizing and thanking them for their time? **** you in the end. You lost my respect! I can relate to #35 when I was her age. I've cried over a few songs. And have felt a strong connection to a few bands. I've gone to countless concerts and there are a lot of bands the genuinely care about their fans. One example, I went to see Papa Roach and the singer left the stage and walked around the entire venue to get close to his fans. That's not someone that takes his fans for granted. I can go on and on about witnessing grateful band members. They are not all like what the OP dealt with.

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#55 "I form philosophies for living and ignite the fires of determination in my very soul". That was amazing. I'm not saying it in a bad way. I up voted that comment just for that line. Truly, just amazing.

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96 listens to BOTDF, I don't know how seriously I want to take her.

I think a lot of it has to do with age and maturity. When I was 16 I was obsessed with a band and would have done anything to meet them. I went to a concert and screamed like a crazy fangirl - because I was one. Now that I'm older, I know how ridiculous that was. I think it's also the mentality of the fans. They idolize these bands and other famous people like Gods when they're just human. In fact, they themselves probably appreciate the fans that act calm and normal a LOT more than the ones that freak out and scream at the top of their lungs.

brand2017 9

Thanks 116. I appreciate the support.

omg botdf makes me want to gouge my eyes out with melon ballers and cut my ears off with safety sissors

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Wow. What difference would one more autograph make? That really sucks. Sorry OP.

The1CalledGOAT 11

one would turn into two and it could keep rolling until everyone gets what they want

xcam1995 6

I think an angry mob would be a good sized difference, don't you? Besides, the band members can't spend all day signing autographs. They'd get arthritis. I'm sorry though, OP. They're administration sucked. You should've reported it.

I agree, but I think they should have counted the people in line, and turned those away that were over the 100 limit. Not let them stand in a line praying they weren't past it. How hard is it for someone to man a booth? "We're at 85, count and make sure we only have 15 left in line." Problem solved, and no one would have had to be an ass. Sorry about this OP, better luck next time, and don't take it personally.

Or they even could of had pre-signed autographs for those they had to POLITELY turn away (Unless, of course there were 1000's of fans). The first 100 get to meet the band quickly and get an autograph signed right there.

saIty 17

If you're a girl ask them to sign your ****. If you're a boy however just go for it and ask them to sign your Florida with balls and hope one of them plays for the other team.

BlueFlatts 20

Ask her on a date. Oh wait, that's just in my fantasy.

That's so ****** up. Don't these artists realize that they aren't shit without people like you?

hannahsnyder69 16

I would've walked up punched another fan in the face and been like looks like I'm 100 now

I would have punched the band member in the face.

websphere69 27

Yeah, lets miss the concert we paid so much for, very smart!

The1CalledGOAT 11

#39 just saying, but I think most signings are done after the band plays, haven't gone to a lot of concerts, but that's how I picture it.

pinguino3669_fml 23

At least you got to see your favorite band close-up! :)

Close up with a big huge frown on their face followed by a "**** you" to OP.

cottoncandymango 17

Sad to find out that their true colors unveiled... Artists nowadays would be nothing without their fans: us.

astralvagan 20

Sadly, a lot of this is actually up to the concert promoter.... They have to pay the band the whole time they are there, so it's easier to set a limit and make your 'roid freaks enforce it

wow.... THAT would suck... they would no longer be my favorite band... I don't like jerk offs! I understand there must be a cut off point, but they could've been nice about it!!

So close but so far man. But hey it just shows how much they care about their fans.