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i feel for you, but i won't lie...if i was your friend...i would get some police tape and make the body outline thing just for kicks while you were out

What were you doing with blood red paint anyways? And why did you take off the cap before you went to the place where you were painting???

Not really a FML though, it's marble, the paint will of just wiped straight off, and even if you left it, you could still wipe it straight off with a cleaning solution. Now if you had of dropped it on your carpet, that would of been a FML

It also may look like you had your period, but you didn't notice that you were leaking all over the house. http://www.spatcave.com/vktrs/mDSC00324.jpg I bet your floors look so artistic now. Start splattering maybe some blue and green, that'll go nice with the red.

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