By kitchencrime - 28/8/2009 06:11 - United States
Today, my friend snuck up on me and yelled, "Gotcha!" I screamed and dropped a gallon of blood-red paint on my new, white kitchen floor. Now it looks like I've murdered someone in my kitchen. FML
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By  Englishrose  |  0

Not really a FML though, it's marble, the paint will of just wiped straight off, and even if you left it, you could still wipe it straight off with a cleaning solution. Now if you had of dropped it on your carpet, that would of been a FML

By  screwtaylor  |  0

It also may look like you had your period, but you didn't notice that you were leaking all over the house.
I bet your floors look so artistic now. Start splattering maybe some blue and green, that'll go nice with the red.