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Today, I was at work and a lady screamed at my manager for about 15 minutes, saying I needed to be fired because I couldn't get rid of all the flies buzzing around her food. She was the one who chose to eat on our patio. FML
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I've come to realize that some people in this world just lack brains.


#32 I didn't know that there were godly rules for typing in comments in FML. Who cares? Maybe he's just speechless.

TanzWolf 26

"Especially for 1st comment" why does it matter what he says if he's the first commenter?

I've come to realize that some people in this world just lack brains.

Shockingly, these people are reproducing at a rapid rate, and soon stupidity will take over the world.

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The lack of knowledge hurts my brain.

No. You should of seen what I've done. There are just a LOT of stupid people and for most of these it seem fit.

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hope your manager becomes deaf

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I'm pretty sure he meant so the manager doesn't have to hear the lady complain anymore.

Well #24 if that was the case then the wording for that is all wrong. #5's comment seems to imply that he agrees with the lady that yelled at your manager.

RecklessLove 18

Please explain to me how it implies that.

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That's crazy OP. That lady lacks intelligence and needs help lol

You should have killed the flies by smacking them across their face. Some people are just dumb. Social Darwinism needs to take place.

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People are so stupid sometimes