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By  Amkii  |  0

How do you know he was single? Just because he's not married doesn't mean he's not seeing anyone. Or do you talk to hot strangers about their love lives often? Anyway, it's not like you were going to shit your pants in front of him. How is this bad? I just hope you were sitting on the aisle.

  peachykeen13  |  0

when I'm flying the people next to me often start a friendly conversation. maybe he was the one to bring up that he was single. and "explosive" implies that she couldn't control it.

By  Thassodar  |  0

Let me put it this way: There's a fetish for everything. For all you know this guy may blow his load to chicks having explosive diarrhea. Don't worry about it is my motto.

By  redroses5  |  0

You think you're fucked? At least you didn't know anyone. I got explosive diarrhea the other day during a test. I had to sit there because the teacher wouldn't allow make-ups. I reached the bathroom, but before I could pull my pants down I pooped myself. Now that's fucked up- try walking to your car on a crowded college campus with your pants full of shit. Good thing I didn't run into anyone.. but still embarrassing as hell. And I had to clean up my car afterward because of the smell