By Anonymous - 10/12/2009 03:59 - United States

Today, I went down on my girlfriend after sharing a romantic moment. As I was licking, she giggled and said, "You sound like a dog." Romance ruined. FML
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if you had been doing a good job, she probably would've been too busy to say anything at all

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Stop barking!


oh well.

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ERRR....what's ROMANTIC about licking a girls pussy OP? and you should have just continued

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Exactly, is there reallya ny6thing "romantic" about oral sex? i just don't see it. Also #6 made my day... lmao... XD

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Well, its tiring

I agree I think nothing is romantic about oral sex I think it's just people trying to fill that sexual need that will never be fill completely. I think a kiss or something like that is more romatic

Oral sex can be incredibly romantic. You can make every part of sex romantic..... Oral sex is the only way I can cum, or any way that plays with the right parts, being a lady....and orgasming with someone you're in a committed relationship with and love can definitely be romantic and sensual and intense from my experience.

Well, at least if you suspect she's cheating on you, you'll know who to interrogate first!

perdix 29

Especially if you detect a peanut buttery aroma emanating from "down there."

Ewwww, poor dog!! So gross! :D OP: Sound like a dog? What does that mean?? How's that possible??? What were you salivating and slurping away???? I'm baffled :|

Slap some peanut butter on your cooch and find out first hand :)

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lmao @ #3

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Stop barking!

don't be so sloppy next time.

haha @ #3, my thought exactly.

wth? You people complain about the stupidest crap! fyl because she said you sound like a dog? really?

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I love her