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By auscop - 17/09/2009 10:57 - Australia

Today, I pulled someone over for speeding. He was only 10 over the speed limit so I gave him an $84 fine. It turns out he is a workplace Occupational Health and Safety officer and because I wasn't wearing my high visibilty vest while standing on the side of the road he gave me a $250 fine. FML
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Yeah, God forbid he actually did his job. It's scum like you who think it's okay to break the law if it's "only a little."

Yeah I know. Totally. F*ck him for pulling someone over that was going over the speed limit. I hate when cops pull people over for breaking the law. What a c*ckhole of a policeman.


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Karma what? The guy broke the law the Officer responded properly.

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Yeah, God forbid he actually did his job. It's scum like you who think it's okay to break the law if it's "only a little."

Yeah I know. Totally. F*ck him for pulling someone over that was going over the speed limit. I hate when cops pull people over for breaking the law. What a c*ckhole of a policeman.

Today, I got pulled over for going 10 over the speed limit, I got an $84 fine. However, since I'm a workplace Occupational Health and Safety officer and he wasn't wearing his high visibilty vest while standing on the side of the road I gave him a $250 fine. MLIA

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The Police Officer also broke the law and the Occupational Safety and Health Officer also responded properly. That would be considered Karma.

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its no like he was going 80 in a 30, 10 miles over the limit, everyone does that. he deserved it anyway for not doing his job, so whateva

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You are all morons. Are you honestly trying to justify being angry at the cop for DOING HIS JOB and giving a guy a ticket for going 10 over? Really? If it was 5 I might understand, but really. I hope you all get hit by a bus. Preferably a bus going 10 MPH over the limit, because that's okay right?

Australia uses kmh. 10 kph is 6 mph. Which is pretty close to 5 over, don't you think?

It's not "karma," its fake. I think the OP made it up, its Occupational Safety and Health Adminastration, not Occupational Health and Safety Admin. I hate it when assholes make up their FML;s. get a life.

thats not a MLIA, you both got fined! so both of your lives are ****** ;0

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but if you can consistently go 10 over, can't you consistently go 2 over? or the speed limit? or should you just keep accelerating as fast as you want? sorry, but that makes no sense

Going 2 over is negligible since it might have been miscalibration.

#195, that is hardly a valid reason as to it being fake. Nobody knows if its fake or not besides the OP himself, so shut your mouth, nobody cares about your dumb, pointless arguments.

You do your job and he does his job. Both of you are still making money for the government. :)

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#48- hahaha, c0ckho!e..... awesome, thats goin in my everyday rotation of insults. thanks

I think the reason they said that is the fact that the cop threw in that he was "only" going 10 over the speed limit. Indicating that pulling people going 10 over is not the norm for the cop.

Yeah really...think about the cop who would shoot the robber attempting to kill your family. He's such a horrible person. How dare he risk is life to safe yours. Or the fact that he might stop someone going 10 over that would then drive 2 miles before killing a kid that ran out in the road and he couldn't stop in time.

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I hate it when cops overreact I mean when I was killing that hooker I only half killed her yet I was arrested

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The ******* people on this site are so dumb. God forbid a police officer pulls someone over for breaking the law. Dumbshit shouldn't have been going 10 over the limit. FYL op.

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First of all it's not karma because karma is what you get for doing something morally bad/good to a person. This guy did his job so it's neither. Second, going 10 over is not a little. The law allows people go to up to 5 mph over the limit, this guy was doing double that. The officer did his job properly. FYL

agree with #10 ydi for pulling someone over for going 10 over the limit

oops I meant agree with 39 I disagree with 10

if you look closely, op is from Australia. therfore it's ten km,s over speed limit. close to 5 miles. bit I'm from aus, and you can get pulled over for 5 over.

Are you ******* retarded? That is in no way karma.

He was doing his job. They both were. They both deservedays what they got for not doing what they're supposed to. Speeders always deserve a ticket

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Is that some sort of Village People joke?

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You shouldn't smoke; drink coffee. Lots.

I totally agree with you!!! They need to learn that when every one else is going at a certain speed, they shouldn't pull a person over just because they fell like it. Especially when they are braking laws themselves!!!

293 that sounds like FML itself. Anyway Sorry to hear about your cop problem

in response to #293 "tons of other crap just because cops feel the need to abuse the power they have and mess up peoples lives because they used to get beat up in school and made fun of and now they can get back at everyone. I hate cops with a passion, they have never helped me out in any way, all my experiences have been a nightmare with them and the best part is everyone has a similar story of how a police officer, who is supposed to serve and protect us, screwed us over in some way. Everyone does. Why do you think that is?" Let's dissect this part of your message... I have many, many officers in my family and friends. None of them were beat up in school or made fun of. most were actually jocks. They have no resentment towards others. Not everyone has a negative experience with cops. In fact, in my friends circle, no one has a legitimate complaint. We've all gotten our fair share of tickets. Some of us have even been arrested. Why? we broke the law. Plain and simple... it doesn't matter if it's "just a little" broken. Laws are black and white. And as for the rest of your post: if that's your attitude towards a group of people I doubt that you were respectful and courteous and did nothing to warrant being locked up. When I have an inset hatred for someone, it shows and I am very ******* disrespectful and in general not helpful

Don't stop pulling people over, they deserve to get caught and penalized. You should have given him another ticket for disrespecting a police officer.

Since when can you get a ticket for that?

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That can only happen in a country with really questionable laws like the USA, not in Australia for example.

Yeah, and then when he points out that there is no such law on the books, you should taze him and sprinkle some crack on him! Yeah! That'll show 'em! I hope you aren't really a Councilman. Hell, I hope they don't even let you manage an ice cream stand...

#118 and #34. It depends on the actual speed limit you were breaking. 100 km? 10 is nothing. 15? He should not have been going at 25. I assume it's 15 because of twisted roads, schools, frequent deer/duck/animal crossings from the nearby landscape. I still went YDI though.

Dude. I don't know if that's karma or what, but that sucks. And I thought you only had to wear the HVV at night? At least that's how it is for a buddy of mine in Sydney.

Ha good fight dude! That's what you get for being a douche he was only going 10 over

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What if the speed limit was 15 (school zone)? That's nearly double the limit. It doesn't specify what the speed limit was. If people don't want to follow the speed limit, they should expect tickets. That's like raping someone in public and getting upset you got arrested.

australia -km/h not mp/h 62mph is 100kmh work it out

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You're not thinking this through very well. Your whole point is actually completely wrong, as it does take significantly longer to stop from 25 than from 15. However, the most important aspect of the speed limit is the damage done when an impact does occur, in which cause a 25mph crash will inevitably cause more damage than at 15. Of course, there is also the convenience factor in that it is far, far easier for children to cross the road, as they will have more time to do it.

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Oops on my failure to think of the other measurements. That makes a difference, but I still stick to what I was saying. The limit was made with everything taken into consideration. It's a "limit". I understand a few mph/kph (? I guess, I'm not good with the conversion), but I think ten being unworthy of a ticket is getting ridiculous. If we want to go for the whole "no limit" thing, then sure. Otherwise, people should obey it.

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Highway - 10 mph over not as big a deal Rural road / high density area - 10 mph is a big deal Go 10 over in a school zone and see how well the cops treat you. When in zones posted lower than 35 mph (school zone, hospital, strip mall) the difference of 10 mph could be the difference between hurting someone or stopping in time. "not to mention the fact the 10km/h = about 6mph, which is nothing" take that to court. I guarantee the first question asked is, "how fast were you going? what is the posted speed limit?" Try to explain how going over the speed limit is ok to do when the state / country sets the speed limit. You make a very moot point about 6 mph since in a court of law you A) are not obeying the law and B) admitting to being 6 mph over a posted speed limit

You are a jackass ilovelife. The cops don't set the speed limits. It is their job to pull people over if they are speeding. Write your damn governor or something.

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they didnt say anything about cops choosing the speed limit.

I'm not saying everyone should get pulled over who speeds. All I'm saying is that we all know what the speed limit is and we should take responsibility of our actions. I speed, but I'm not a child about it if I get pulled over because I realize that there is the chance that I can get pulled over when I do that.

I think you missed my point councilman. I think the hate towards cops is misplaced. Yeah they are the ones who pull you over, but if they didnt pull over anyone, the speed limits would be useless. They are just doing their jobs. why is this such a difficult concept to grasp.

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"That's like raping someone in public and getting upset you got arrested." That is the dumbest logic I've heard all day. Over 85% of drivers speed... 85% of people do not rape each other. One is a brutal tragic crime that doesn't just break the law but violates the basic rights of another human being. The other isn't even a crime, its an "offense", a "moving violation". In the USA it is far less than a misdemeanor. What a horrible analogy. If you speed should you anticipate the possibility of a ticket? Sure, but clearly as a society we've come to the conclusion that its a risk worth taking because it is generally victimless, harmless, and frankly tough to be caught at. It takes an entirely different mind set and gross psychotic disconnect to commit rape. They are in no way similar. Since the OP meant km/h not mph pulling someone over for 10 over is a bit overzealous in the majority of situations. It is likely several cars drove by the cop doing more than 10 over while he was writing this guy a ticket. The poor judgment here is that the cop is not doing a very effective job at discouraging drivers who are putting people at far greater risk. Sorry OP, you may have been doing your job and can't fault you there, but YDI for not picking your battles and prioritizing properly. You should at least have given this guy a warning if the road was slow and you couldn't find anyone going faster. Just letting them know someone is watching is often enough to correct mild speeders like this.

It was a hyperbole to make a point. Obviously a moving violation and a felony aren't on the same level. My point was that people should either respect the law or expect to get their due punishment, no matter how severe or minimal the crime is. If we make allowances for small things, we would probably start to do it for more serious offenses. In my opinion, there are too many loopholes anyway. I disagree with you on one thing: It is not always a victimless crime. I'm sure these speed limits are figured based on sound logic and math to figure out what it a safe speed to go at in the area without risking unnecessary accidents. If someone speeding hits and kills someone because they couldn't stop in time, there is a victim. It may not be an every day occurrence, but there are times when it could be prevented by obeying the limit. Besides, what is so great about speeding anyway? Unless you're going on a cross-country trip, it probably won't shave any significant time off your drive. Like I say, if people don't think the laws are fair, make an effort to change them or deal with it. Hey, I don't think a lot of laws are the way they should be, but, if I break them, I expect to be punished.

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god damn! i freaking hate all the police officers doing their job correctly! its so orthodox and expected!!!! what are we supposed to do!? not be able to break the law!?!?!? what kind of shit is that?!?!?!? I should be able to do whatever i want regardless of any reprocussions of my actions, even if i do kill some family!!!!!! ilovelife; do us all a favor and go crawl into a hole and kill yourself

yes, but the laws of physics say that the additional damage of a car going 70 vs. 60 (a 10 mph/kph increase) is much more than the additional damage of a car going 25 vs. 15 (a 10 mph/kph increase). Kinetic energy equals one half times mass times the square of the velocity. Due to the velocity being squared, the additional energy needing to be dissipated by going that extra mph/kph increases exponentially as the speed increases (assuming the mass stays the same). Stopping distance can also be substituted for damage in a crash as both are a direct result of the amount of kinetic energy of the vehicle.

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easrc, your my hero (for the next five minutes) congratulations

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ok intoxicunt first use common sense. The next time you drive try and grow some balls and go over the speed limit just a little. You may come to find out that everyone is goin the same or faster than you. Driving slow causes accidents too! Yea of course laws are laws but gosh, some cops are a**holes. This one deserved it he wasnt wearing his vest which could had killed him

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easrc if you crash into something going 70 there is a good chance you will be seriously hurt or die. If you are going 60 you're either going to be seriously hurt or die. Either way somebody getting hurt or dying. It all comes down to if you are a good driver or not.

"I'm sure these speed limits are figured based on sound logic and math to figure out what it a safe speed to go at in the area without risking unnecessary accidents." If that were true, why does my state set a maximum of 55 for all roads that aren't a federal highway? There is a lot of engineering that goes into sign placement, whether to use a stop sign or a light, etc. Not so much with the speed limits...

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speed limits are there for a reason -- i actually learned how to calculate a speed limit in physics going around a curve, and 10 mph is the only amount you can (usually) go around a curve safely without any weather problems or whatever. the same holds true for roads. yes, you can go 10 mph over safely, but it is intentionally lowered on the signs so that people don't try to go 10 miles over the posted speed limit. FYL for doing your job and getting slammed for it.

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I love how people jump on the cops dicks for everything. Argument ad verecundiam, much? Cops are nothing but parents put in place because society emphasizes all the wrong problems. I guess people, like councilman, like having parents for the rest of your lives. I suppose you like being a baby that doesn't think for themselves as well. Authority=abuse. Always. "Oh but they're just doing their jobs" Yep, that is definitely a good reason for why they avoid doing what's right. SHEEEEEEEEEEEP.

I would be all for reasonable speed limits. It is not reasonable when a winding dirt road has the same speed limit as a dead-straight 18 mile stretch of asphalt. It is not reasonable when the speed limit is the same day and night. It is not reasonable when speed limits do not change based on conditions. It is not reasonable to set the same speed limit for a dump truck as for a Lotus, given the drastically different 60 - 0 braking distances.

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mooneydriver, 55 is the speed at which you get the highest MPG performance.

Person with atrocious grammar and spelling: "ok intoxicunt first use common sense. The next time you drive try and grow some balls and go over the speed limit just a little. You may come to find out that everyone is goin the same or faster than you. Driving slow causes accidents too! Yea of course laws are laws but gosh, some cops are a**holes. This one deserved it he wasnt wearing his vest which could had killed him" No shit, Captain Obvious, driving "slow" (by which I assume you mean significantly slower than the rest of traffic) is a hazard. I never said it wasn't. I didn't advise anyone to drive 50 on the interstate (US, as it is my only point of reference). I'm just saying that if you drive over the speed limit, you should expect to get caught. It isn't about "balls". The point of driving a vehicle is not to show how tough you are, you hyper-hormonal ball of shit. We're talking about what is safe, reasonable, and acceptable. When you can keep up with the conversation, come back. Mooneydriver: Way to miss the point entirely. I did indeed say that I believe the speed limits to be calculated based on at least some logic, as opposed to "Hey, Randy, pick a number 15-70." That isn't an indication that I think all speed limits everywhere in any country, even those I haven't been to (e.g. Australia, the OP's location) are perfectly reasonable. My point was that if someone wants the speed limit changed, they can petition, write, run for office, whatever the hell they feel would be effective to try to change it. If that fails, they have two options: Deal with it and drive the, oooooooh, ten miles per hour slower, or drive as fast as they want and be one of these "**** the police, I'm gonna do what I want!" types, risking the consequence. Why on earth would I pity someone for getting the consequence they knew they were risking when they took the action? Boohoo, life has consequences. **** my life! It's over, ruined! Seriously. Read #180. He/she sums it up well.

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so Ilovelife, is it okay that while i was walking acrossed a street this morning, I almost got hit by a driver going roughly 10-20 miles over the speed limit? yeah, didn't think so.

That is not at all true. Most if not all production cars get BETTER fuel economy at 55 than at a higher cruising speed because of parasite drag. Most production cars get their PEAK fuel economy below 55 for the same reason. Different cars get their peak fuel economy at different speeds (usually between 40-60mph). The 55mph national speed limit was set as a compromise number during the gas crisis during the 1970s. Heavy, carbureted cars were the norm.

Intoxicunt, your obey-all-laws-or-you're-an-anarchist argument is a false dichotomy. Real people are a lot more complicated than that. Real people can be generally law abiding and still refuse to obey a law they disagree with here and there. Do you really think that the average person who gets a speeding ticket is the "**** the police, I'm gonna do what I want!" type?

"Real people"? As opposed to fake ones? Ok, copy and paste where I said "obey all laws or you're an anarchist". Hmm, you mean I DIDN'T? Ok then. What I was saying was that only a small percentage of speeders are on some crusade to change the world like Susan B. Anthony, or are fleeing for their very lives. People who just disobey laws because they don't like authority are, essentially anarchists.

"Real people" as opposed to the two rigid types in your false dichotomy. Don't claim that I said something and put quotes around it unless it's a direct quote. That is dishonest. "Ok, copy and paste where I said 'obey all laws or you're an anarchist'" While those were not my exact words, I said you were making that argument because you were, here: "...If that fails, they have two options: Deal with it and drive the, oooooooh, ten miles per hour slower, or drive as fast as they want and be one of these '**** the police, I'm gonna do what I want!' types, risking the consequence." And again just now: "People who just disobey laws because they don't like authority are, essentially anarchists." I AM saying that you present an oversimplified version of human behavior. There is a whole spectrum of options available to us, not just your "two options"

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Ok intoxicunt, criticize my grammar i don't really care. I bet you're not even close to perfect. I bet you don't follow every single law. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Sometimes going over the speed limits are mistakes, because we are used to just pressing on the gas. "Growing balls" refers to taking risks and people who don't want their lives to be predictable take risks. Being tough has nothing to do with anything, where the hell did you get that from. I could give a shit how fast you drive. It's all about people's nature. If their nature is to drive fast then they are going to drive fast. It's not about being tough and breaking laws.

Ok, I am going to reply to this. If people just want to go "fast", then why don't they do 85 mph EVERYWHERE? The fact that someone always goes ten over tells me they are just pressing their luck to challenge authority. I mean, if you can go 70 when speeding on a 55 road, why can't you go 70 on the interstate? It's no longer fast enough, because it's not over the speed limit. I agree with taking risks, but not on the road. Hey, I might think it's a fun risk to take by driving drunk! That doesn't make it ok. If I want a thrill, I'll go bungee jumping. That way, only I'm at risk and I'm not causing any problem for someone else. The reason I say that you sound like you're trying to be a tough man is because you're telling me to grow some balls, as though driving is some sort of press-your-luck game of chance to get your adrenaline pumping. That is a very "look at me, I'm such a bad ass" mentality. It's just a way to get from point A to point B. I don't know why it has to be "ballsy". Should I try to inject risk into my shower routine as well?

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People don't go 85 everywhere because they have COMMON SENSE, you authority hugging sheep. Just because someone goes 10 over everywhere doesn't make them a bad driver. A cop should be pulling over someone who is driving DANGEROUSLY. If someone can get through traffic at 10 MPH over safely (not cutting people off, tailgating etc.) let them. They are NOT a danger to anyone. Cops should spot danger not look for shit to do. They shouldn't have to pull people over 'because its their job'. Their job should be detecting and quashing DANGER. But please, argue some more from authority. Argumentum ad Verecundias is my favorite!

your an idiot. u can generalize all cars and trucks like that. it all depends on your rpm (revolutions per minute for you retards) and your gear ratio. if you have a lower final drive ratio, then your rpm will be lower and you can get your optimum gas mileage at 75 and 80 mph. it all depends on the vehicle. a carb'd vehicle will get best mileage at 1000 to 1500 rpm. a fuel injected vehicle will get better the lower the rpm to a point (below 700 is too low) speed has nothing to do with it

yeah but it is just that a LIMIT and being over that limit gets you a ticket!!!

110% agreed, if you have that kind of time to waste giving a ticket for something like that, im sure 1 of the millions of drunk drivers and shit like that just got away with doing whatever they were doing while you were wasting time. That little problem cost you a bigger problem. Ydi

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If the speed limit was 15 for a school zone and he was going 10 over, the ticket wouldn't have been only 84 dollars. He was probably going 55 in a 45, no big deal

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Actually raping someone is like raping someone not going 10 over the limit lol how could you compare the two. Your an idiot. Raping somebody is a hell of a lot more illegal than going 10 over the limit.

Wow are you serious? A car that was only going 10 over the speed limit crashed into me and I had to go to the ER and it totaled my car!

Ilovelife, you clearly don't love life being that 10mph over can make all the difference since the difference in time is literally a matter of life and death. It only takes five seconds of you looking away or simply going over to injure or kill someone. If you are honestly trying to justify your insanely ridiculous claim, I think a petition needs to be started wherever you are to revoke your license immediately because you sir, are a hazard and a liability to someone else's life.

So police officers get personally fined for not wearing a bull's eye target at all times? Remind me never to visit Australia.

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its people like you that make me want to be a cop just so i can pull you over.

Cops are worthless high school dropouts with sub 80 IQs.

Please don't generalize like that. Not ALL of them are!

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#90, not really. People who claim they do are, though.

@ #7 Welcome to Atlanta where the speeders speed, and we race down 400, like, every week. The cops are cool 'cause traffic's borin' and we're on 285 at like 8 in the mornin'!

You think that cops should fine people for being disrespectful AND you're a cop wannabe? Never saw that coming...

Oh yeah sub 80 IQ's. Did you go through the police academy?? Yeah, I didn't think so. How about YOU try to shoot a runaway criminal? Or you could shoot out a tire on a car driving erratically at 80 mph? I hope that the ONE time in your life you really do need a cop to save you they do have an IQ of 75.

How the hell is this karma? OSHA guy was 10 over the limit, he was doing his job to pull him over. May not have been doing it 100% properly, but it seems like a minor infraction. I did laugh though...

It's Karma beacuse.... OSHA guy then did HIS job and gave the cop a ticket, for a LOT more $$$

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Its KARMA because cop was being an a**hole and gave OSHA guy a ticket so OSHA guy decides to be an a**hole and give cop a ticket. He was doing his job also.

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Since when has "doing your job" become equated with "being an asshole"?

citycrazed25 0

Have you ever met a cop? You can be an asshole and still do your job. Has anybody had an attitude with you while they were doing their job? My point.

hahahaha 10 over?? You definitely deserved it!

that's pretty funny but I'm not sure if the guy could give you ticket fine in that way. I would check with your precinct's heath and safety officer because I think he's the only one who can give you a fine like that but I could be wrong