By Anonymous - 14/9/2020 08:01

Sliced and diced

  Today, our sons, who we thought were asleep, came barging into our room in the middle of the first blowjob my wife has given me in weeks. She was so shocked, she bit down and pulled away at the same time, tearing the big vein on the top of my cock. I had to go to hospital for blood loss and stitches. FML
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By  jfigley  |  5

Sorry but thats fucking hilarious!! Sucks that your dick took the punishment but thats a chuckle. You do realize there's an invention called a "lock" on your door? That would have been the first thing I did. Now it sounds like you won't get a BJ or sex for at least another couple weeks....

By  Lydmyers  |  8

I have kids.. so i understand how much of a knack they always seem to have when it comes to timing.

I feel sorry for the both of you, and I hope you both feel much better now.
Such naughty kids! I would have smacked their butts for getting out of bed when they should have been asleep and for barging in when I'm sure they would have been taught to knock.

  julfunky  |  29

You’re absolutely right. When you have kids you know just how inconvenient their timing always seems to be.
That just makes this more of a YDI situation. Kids are known for this shit. LOCK YOUR DOOR.

Side note: he doesn’t actually deserve to get his penis mauled. But this whole thing could have been avoided with common sense.