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By  evilplatypus  |  38

She's an idiot; it will take a lot less time for you to snip the sequins off than it did for her to sew them on. She SHOULD have poured glitter over all your clothes instead...that shit's like herpes.

  lilmissy1290  |  0

ydi for cheating op.. most girls will not exact revenge for a simple break up.. you had to do something like cheat to make her want to do that.. this is not an fml because more than likely ydi

  shayyyyy  |  0

he could be confused on how the O.P.s ex was able to put sequins on ALL of his clothes without him noticing, wouldn't that take time? unless O.P. was on a trip or something

  henry3825  |  0

54 Are you kiddng me? How could you assume that OP was cheating? There's so many other reasons why she could he done that. OP's ex could just be a total bitch.

  PurplePigeon  |  0


girls aren't crazy?!

yea ok. guys do dumb shit, but so do girls.

well, from my experience: guys do more mean/crazy things on impulse, where girls think it out and plan.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

I was having a 'faith in humanity' moment and assumed that the girl wasn't a crazy psycho who would extract revenge for a clean break-up (even if she still loved him, there is a certain level of maturity one expects).
Obviously I should have assumed she was crazy and the OP had done nothing at all to warrent it, because this is the way that society works now.