By Luke - 05/08/2010 17:00 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered how my ex-girlfriend exacted her revenge. Every item of clothing I own now has sequins. FML
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She's an idiot; it will take a lot less time for you to snip the sequins off than it did for her to sew them on. She SHOULD have poured glitter over all your clothes instead...that shit's like herpes.

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start a 80's rockband. maybe she left some of her spandex around too...

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You want some salad with that pie?

*confused on what could possibly be confusing*

ydi for cheating op.. most girls will not exact revenge for a simple break up.. you had to do something like cheat to make her want to do that.. this is not an fml because more than likely ydi

lol it's funny cuz now u can't go out in public to buy new clothes. faget.

intoxicunt he might be confused on what sequins are... I know I was, before google.

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ha maybe you can steal her design and make money from it XD

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he could be confused on how the O.P.s ex was able to put sequins on ALL of his clothes without him noticing, wouldn't that take time? unless O.P. was on a trip or something

OP's ex-girlfriend is my new favourite person :)

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FYL? not at all!!! now ur just stylish

54 Are you kiddng me? How could you assume that OP was cheating? There's so many other reasons why she could he done that. OP's ex could just be a total bitch.

sell them as costumes to a play company and get more than they were worth and get twice as large of a wardrobe WIN!!

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lol! That's awsome. but u got it easy, compared to how i do my revenge, she JUST bitch slapped you. i wouldve used my nails and heels. (meaning i wouldve gone for ur car. ;P)

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54 some girls are insane, and I'm guessing you're one of them for not understanding that.

#66 notice that I said "Most girls" not all.. and no im not one of the crazy girls.. if a guy cheats on me I will end the relationship and thats it

Girls aren't the crazy ones. They don't do shit like guys do. OP, you deserved it completely if you hurt her enough to make her do that.

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lol girls aren't crazy?! yea ok. guys do dumb shit, but so do girls. well, from my experience: guys do more mean/crazy things on impulse, where girls think it out and plan.

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Ha! Obviously a Team Jacob fan, if sparkles are her idea of an insult. ;)

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That is a pretty good revenge. However you failed to mention why she might want revenge in the first place.

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EX girlfriend... Maybe he broke up with her & she still loved him?

I was having a 'faith in humanity' moment and assumed that the girl wasn't a crazy psycho who would extract revenge for a clean break-up (even if she still loved him, there is a certain level of maturity one expects). Obviously I should have assumed she was crazy and the OP had done nothing at all to warrent it, because this is the way that society works now.

Shame on you for having a "faith in humanity" moment.

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It could've been worse, a girl could cut your **** off and throw out the window of a moving car

Seize the opportunity to go out and pick up Twilight fangirls!

That might not be a good idea. I think there was an FML where the fangirl bit the guy.

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Fly? I'm not too educated in all this slang, but I don't think a guy wearing sequins is "fly".

She knows she just likes to hive people a hard time lol

I thought it was funny. But yes, I know. :)

Yeah. It's a new prank where you throw a beehive at them. You should try it sometime. ;)

let me know how that goes? I'd love to give it a try lolll

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Wow. I feel bad for you, but she's kind of a genius...