By WasntWorthIt - 30/07/2014 17:04 - United States - Concord

Today, my husband thought it would be romantic to pick me up and fall on the bed with me while we were kissing. Our faces smashed together as we hit the bed, and my tongue is still bleeding on and off. FML
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Atleast he tried....

Well.. I mean.. It could've been worse..?


Atleast he tried....

its good to keep romance alive in a marriage, especially if you've been married for a long time

Lebeaugars95 20

but did you die OP?

He gets an "E" for effort.

steve727 2

^he should've gotten a V

slutfactory 17

I agree. It's good that he was making an attempt to be romantic with his wife; a lot of guys lose that after marriage. Unfortunately, the little romantic things you see in movies or books require a lot more coordination and strategy than you'd think.

Like your pic ;)

Well.. I mean.. It could've been worse..?

As a fan of the show "sex sent me to the ER", I can say with assurance that you are right.

Thanks! I was looking for a new show to watch. :D

nlm92 15

Yeah, it's almost as disappointing as shower sex!

My heart bleeds for you

well OP's tongue is also bleeding

It turned you on at first.. Then it turned you off.

Aweeee that's sweet though lmao stuff like that happens. When the pain and bleeding stops it will be a funny memory!

"Did he hit you?!" "No mom, we were about to have passionate love when our heads smashed together..." Sounds like a convincing story

No one ever believes the true story.

It definitely wasn't the kind of smashing they were anticipating...

Well it's the thought that counts right? Ahahaha sorry but that's hilarious unlucky OP

Points for effort?

His heart bleeds for you, your tongue bleeds for his

trellz17 19

Putting pressure on your tongue will stop the bleeding relatively fast. But that was romantic of your husband