By Anonymous - 20/09/2015 13:24 - United States

Today, while enjoying a truly epic move from my wife in the hotel shower, I managed to accidentally pull the "grab bar" from the wall and clock her in the side of the head. Three stitches at the Urgent Care later, she's explaining to the entire waiting room how it happened. FML
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WordBea 23

More like FHL. You got action but she got 3 stitches :(


WordBea 23

More like FHL. You got action but she got 3 stitches :(

I don't think that was the kind of action he wanted though. It is mostly FHL.

At least you got some action. Sounds fun. But sucks for her.

Add 3 more stitches to the bitch. Kidding, don't do that. I'd be pretty proud.

Guess you should grab a handle of the conversation and bar her from speaking as quickly as possible before embarrassment hits you at full force.

oh god, this comment tried way too hard.. *cringe*

What? You're saying the brilliancy of the puns didn't leave you in stitches???? ...Yah, sorry about that. Won't happen again, promise.

Sounds like a pretty poor grab bar. What would happen if an elderly person slipped, they went to grab it, and it came down with them? Hope your wife is okay though!

Probably the same thing that has already happened?!

Well, considering elderly people's bones tend to break easier and they are often weaker (so getting up would be harder), the scenario could've been a lot worse. (Of course I'm not saying all older people are like that!)

who gives a potato what others think, not like you did anything embarrassing anyway. Infact they were probably jealous ;)

That sounds like a safety problem at the hotel. See if you can file a lawsuit to cover hospital bills and stuff. If it's from a chain company like Holiday Inn or something, you can get a lot of money for stuff like that. Hope your wife is recovering well

There's always one of you out there calling for a lawsuit. She has 3 stitches, not broken bones or severe burns. And they were fooling around in the shower so who knows how it happened.

And if one of them had been elderly they could have fallen and died. If he could pull that bar from the wall then it won't hold someone's weight and therefore isn't fitted properly.

I agree to an extent.. I don't like the "oh something small happened, sue them for everything they've got!" mindset, but I would definitely see if the hotel would cover any out of pocket costs from the doctor.