By Anonymous - 26/03/2009 16:36 - United States

Today, my girlfriend came up to me and told me we would never do anything sexual in our relationship. She said I was too adorable to take seriously in bed. FML
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In my experience its the adorable ones that make the best lovers. She's missing out.


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dump the bitch

turn into a bamf for the night..

just because she said that you don't have call her a bitch. you could be a little more consite and not be such and bitch yourself

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158 she is a bitch a giant one

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168, That's not being a bitch. That's called a test. She loves him, but for him to have sex with her, she wants to see another side in him, one that's not so cute and cuddly, but more badass and sexy without having to be an asshole.

Bail out; she can't be taken seriously.

No, I think just wants you to prove her wrong.

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DUMP HER NOW!!!! I've been there, it isn't fun!

In my experience its the adorable ones that make the best lovers. She's missing out.

I'll keep that in mind

Probably cheating on you and saying that so she can feel better inside.

You know, I had this situation once. The proper reply is to say "Humor me" and then totally blow her mind.

Or blow something else

Well, your life is just blown.

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******* LOL. This is like someone telling you that you have incurable cancer. A Jawdropper indeed. I have no asshole comment for you sir, you've been burned enough today, good day.

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This is nothing like someone telling you your life is over, ********. He can find another girl, but I don't think people can switch out bodies. People can make cancer jokes, but don't ever compare it to something like this. No one can know how it feels unless they have felt or have people describe the pain and the pure fatigue from radiation treatment. Bitch please