By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Bolton
Today, I narrowly avoided shooting myself in the foot with a nail gun. I considered myself the luckiest guy ever, until I stepped on a plank with another nail sticking out of it, which went right through my foot. Oh well. FML
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  Symphoniaes  |  32

The last time I stepped on a nail it went right through the sole of the shoe and straight through to the other side :S As long as the nail is sharp enough it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing shoes or not, unfortunately ?

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

What sort of footwear were you wearing? A decent pair of workboots and that would not have happened.

  OrchidKitten  |  21

Actually, my dad has steeltoed boots because of where he works, and he's had sharp nails and other sharp pieces of metal go through the soles. Soles are rubber, enough weight and anything sharp and pointy will be going through them. Unless of course you pay for a custom pair made entirely of metal.