By Albert06 - 14/03/2011 21:26 - France

Today, I showed my colleagues how I could switch on my webcam at home from the office. That's how we all found out my wife is cheating on me. FML
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Wtf that is so sad and embarrassing. It's just disgusting when people cheat.

I would've recorded it, burned it to a DVD, gone home and acted all romantic with her like I was planning a great night, then put the movie in. I would've loved the look on her face!


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first :P and fyl

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At least she was in the kitchen.

fuxk fuck mohammed is ugly fuck hw desserved it, bitc gay asshole!

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to hell with working it out. how do you trust a cheater again?

for revenge put the video on the internet!

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im with this guy ^^ put the video on the net

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keep the tape as leverage. when you divorce her you can her crap. you'll most likely get the kids if you have them.

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take* her crap


You don't.

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you're not funny

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No, I think this is TOTALLY normal... of course it sucks.. if it didn't it wouldn't have been on the website.

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Wait... since when can I hack other peoples webcams?!

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It's not considered hacking if you're gaining access to your own webcam.

@159- lmao, horny teen thinks he can hack into his online girlfriend's webcam to watch her sleep at night. 

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wtf! if you get back together with that slut you should circumcise her so she never enjoys sex again!!!!

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Make copies for all her friends and family!!


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186, You do realize circumcision is for men, right?

198- When a female is circumcised, it takes all pleasure away from sex. It is done in some third world places.

They shouldn't even call it circumcision, more like mutilation! A elder will take a poor 12-ish year old girl and take a sharp rock, then cut off the clitoris and parts of the labia, with no anesthetic, then sew whatever remains shut so they remain pure. In most cases they can't even pee without extreme pain, let alone enjoy or even tolerate sex. It's a horrible, horrible ritual!

Whoa, so disturbing! I had no idea. Thanks for the info, 212!

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damn that is some scary shit

Disturbing...whats the point in sex if the chick can't enjoy it? Just one of the things I will happily remain close-minded to.

212 was mutilated.

its not hacking since it is his own cam and yes you can hack any ones web cam

there is one for woman to

thanks for that image

we only recommend this for cheaters.

212, that is so fucking disturbing and HORRIBLE! I imagined the gruesome and excruciating pain if it were to happen to me. TT_TT I would die in this "Surgery". They seriously need to end this disgusting ritual.

so, some likeness to male circumcision/mutilation i see.

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poor thing! witnesses too

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haha. am I the only one that finds it weird that he can spy on his house?

155- Pretty much, yeah.

at least he can devorce her and she's not entitled to anything. she hummiliated you. you steal all her stuff and laugh.

It's not really stealing all of it. She pulls shit like that, legally divorce her and get stuff. give her what you want to, but she screwed up. She caused pain, both emotional and social.

lebron is a witness

Haha yeah. Should have filmd in on your phone or somthing and showd hear the evadance!

Wtf that is so sad and embarrassing. It's just disgusting when people cheat.

because they are fucked in the head!

nah theyre probably fucked in the vagina

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or ass depending on preference.

other things are messed up also

That's really embarrassing! Fuck you you women whores. Never trust a women they are always fucking with other guys.

66, I think you mist just have issues with women in your life. You need to come to terms with the fact that not all women are as you described.

71. Go defend your whores.

Misogynists are best ignored.

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@10: So people are fucked in the head for going after basic human instinct? Okay then... @56: lol @OP: FYL, that is pretty bad.

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You guys sound really tense. Let's put all this hate aside and just go to the misogynist and get a quick back rub. I can almost guarantee we will all feel better after that.

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64, a person may love their bf/gf but might be sexually attracted to other people personally I find that stupid

I like ur cat... he has fur

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I know! Btw I'm Persian too :)

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I was just kinda skimming, did someone put "Pics or it didn't happen!" yet? :3

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why do u say that explain?

woah!!! u can turn ur webcam on from work!! legit!!

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I hate cheaters their just put here to make some of us miserable and give others a bad name

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who doesn't?

that is so true! I've been cheated on like 5 times

The ills of technology....

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the ills of relationships

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Omigosh your profile pic is so cute :D

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aw it is! i wish my kitty would do cute stuff like that

um I think that tech is a plus because if it wasn't there he wouldn't know how much of a whore his wife is

Holy shit. That is fucked up, sorry OP.

that's awful man. so sorry

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HAHA DUDE. your all like holy shit, that's fucked up.

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HAHA DU... fuck it.

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Haha, I had to do it.

oh shit that sucks, I'm sorry D:

ydi for having a webcam

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No, it's not his fault, your just a dumbass

Today, my girlfriend and I were spied on by some creepy guy while we were having sex during the middle of table. FML

it was the girlfriends husband, in his house, on his webcam...

kick the bitch out on the street and burn her clothes. the slag .....

Sweet! Did you watch the whole thing?

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that's a stupid question to ask. OF COURSE HE DID!!! Jk, only horny bastards would ask "did u watch it?"