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By  darkmis1  |  17

I would've recorded it, burned it to a DVD, gone home and acted all romantic with her like I was planning a great night, then put the movie in. I would've loved the look on her face!

  pimpcakes2  |  11

They shouldn't even call it circumcision, more like mutilation! A elder will take a poor 12-ish year old girl and take a sharp rock, then cut off the clitoris and parts of the labia, with no anesthetic, then sew whatever remains shut so they remain pure. In most cases they can't even pee without extreme pain, let alone enjoy or even tolerate sex. It's a horrible, horrible ritual!


212, that is so fucking disturbing and HORRIBLE! I imagined the gruesome and excruciating pain if it were to happen to me. TT_TT I would die in this "Surgery". They seriously need to end this disgusting ritual.

  Jonny_Trump  |  0

It's not really stealing all of it. She pulls shit like that, legally divorce her and get stuff. give her what you want to, but she screwed up. She caused pain, both emotional and social.

  mk58  |  31

66, I think you mist just have issues with women in your life. You need to come to terms with the fact that not all women are as you described.

  buddha313  |  0

You guys sound really tense. Let's put all this hate aside and just go to the misogynist and get a quick back rub. I can almost guarantee we will all feel better after that.