By sleepy2010 - 08/03/2010 14:46 - United States

Today, I started my spring break. My college is letting the students stay in the dorms for break, so I figured that staying here would mean getting more sleep than going home. Not so much. The fire alarm has been going off every 20 mins since 7:30am because they're "fixing" it. FML
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That just means you're not drunk enough yet. Back in college I could sleep thru an air-raid.

perdix 29

What's wrong with you? It's Spring Break. Why aren't you getting drunk, sunburned and laid on the beach? There will be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.


youthink_fml 0

Wah, wah, wah. Your life is screwed because someone is fixing the fire alarm where you live. Seriously, you need to STFU.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Yeah for one day he doesn't get to sleep in. Poor baby.

thedevil96 0

i would just take a pillow and blanket and sleep in my car


you people seriously need to just fall in a hole or get the stick out of your ass. this site is meant for things that don't actually ruin someones life. if your life is actually falling apart why waste time writing about it online?

tomahawkinyouall 0

awww poor poopybaby need nap time?? or mommy to change diaper? who the hell sleeps all spring break anyways?

rideacowgirl11 0

grow a pair and stop being lazy

Grow a pair? The OP's a woman, you're an idiot #19

Somebody call the WHAMBULANCE!

why the hell are you not on vacation getting drunk ery day. I'm fifteen and I plan on drinking more than you during spring break.

theian01 3

How about every time you try to sleep I ring an annoying, loud bell in your ears? (to everyone telling OP to "man up" or some sort.) OP I'm sorry, sleep in your car?/somewhere else? I bet home doesn't seem too bad now does it?

tehamericanboy94 0

YDI for not spending your spring break with friends...get a life.

judochop85 0

28. you're an idiot, it doesn't make you cool.

rockediny 0

unless u have abusive parents or something, u deserve it for not going home or partying with friends

Steele4596 0

That's just another example how our retirement system is failing. The elderly back in college. WTF.

holy crap she wanted to sleep in for all the late nights she's been up and then some dumbass who gets paid to fix things can't fix a fire alarm and most of you are giving her shit, this site is for these sort of things If you want no complaining, take some afvice and don't go on this site

gigi_bella 0

Would you rather have a real fire happen and not have the alarm go off in time to get you out of the dorm?

63 well, you'd think you could get the stupid thing fixed?

Speaking as someone who's worked in fire alarm, a lot of the time you HAVE to ring the bells to check certain devices, so yeah, they probably are actually fixing it. I understand that the OP's frustrated that he's being awoken all the time, but fire alarm techs have extremely stressful schedules and a lot of work to get done, so if they have to show up at 7:30, there's no other option.

I hate people like you. The OP should do whatever they can / want to do. If the OP wants to stay at her dorm, then that's what she wants, and you can love it or hate it, but it's none of your goddamn business what she chooses to do. Some people can't afford to go away or home simply because it costs too much. Personally, I hate partying and I don't drink, and that's the way I like it. I don't give two ***** if you don't, because my life isn't yours. Quit being such an asshole.

get a job. those ppl who bag items in stores make like $10 an hour!

#39 you are so damn ugly

tomahawkinyouall 0


u_killed_kenny_ 0

are you retarted? you can go ONE day without sleeping in. ******* adjust

apoll 0

I rofld at this. whambulance ftw!

adolf_bonaparte 0

I second that...

@28 your really dumb arent you. being 15 and bragging on fml about how much your going to drink over spring break just makes you sound like an idiot.

kid, im a cop and I know where you live, so don't go around making jokes like this or you'll seriously get arrested even if it us a joke, because I'm prety sure your just a 12 year old trying to be funny. Sinserly The LAPD

yea i'm 14 and I'm gettin hammerd on spring break

That just means you're not drunk enough yet. Back in college I could sleep thru an air-raid.

try and get some earplugs or something.

I got earplugs once but they mutated into giant talking turtles who beat me up and stole my pizza. Now I always look both ways before I cross the street.

go and help with fixing... so they can finish it up! lol


oh the joys of dorm life...

It will probably only be for one day... just get more sleep the next night... not a huge deal. If you know it's going to happen again just make arrangements with a friend who's also left on campus...

Erindub 0

I soooooo do not miss living in the dorms. I remember I stayed one spring break, got the worst flu of my entire life. Spent 2 weeks lying in bed feeling like death.

perdix 29

What's wrong with you? It's Spring Break. Why aren't you getting drunk, sunburned and laid on the beach? There will be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.

Taylorfacepwns 0

^^^ this(:

I agree fyl for not having anything better to do over spring break. pathetic.

perdix 29

And you have to do it as a college student. When you get older, they don't let you -- and I have the restraining orders to prove it! ;)

perdix, you have a restraining order for just about everything.

perdix 29

You got that right, boopity. Anytime I walk past a Victoria's Secret in any mall, I can hear the shotguns being racked! I was sneezing into those panties, not sniffing them! You try to convince a judge of that.

FYLDeep 25

It would have been a more convincing defense if the panties weren't currently being worn.

perdix 29

That lady was standing so still, I swear I thought she was a mannequin! Your Honor, I swear that is the truth and the hole truth. No, wait, I meant "whole" with the w in front!

use Bose noise cancellig headphones! works like a charm!!!!

nessalujin 0

Awww are you okay honey? Everyone should care that you get woken up. Tear. Suck it up.