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  americayay  |  0

OP, you're kind of mean for this post, or at least it comes off that way. Agreeing with the masses in the fact that you should have freaking said something.

  Veldan  |  1

Don't have to be fat to weigh that much. I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds as well. I'm 10% body fat, so basically this guy could jsut be all muscle and if his girlfriend was small it could end badly if he was a little to into it to notice :P

By  TC1_fml  |  0

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  TC1_fml  |  0

Sound mind, sound body. If it'd be 250 lbs of muscle the guy wouldn't put all his weight on the poor girl, if it's 250 lbs of fat - why go out with someone who doesn't even take care about himself?

  hecuva  |  0

250 lbs of muscle (and of course a fair part is fat too) may not look as big or heavy as you think, my bf is 250lbs and mainly muscle, puts most to all his weight on me when he's on me, i have yet to pass out.

OP: a great way to remedy this... when you feel that you might pass out, grab a hold of his pec/man boob (depending on fat or muscle) and use your knee as leverage to roll the two of you over, trust me he'll love it and things will probably get a bit more intense now that you showed some dominance ;)

  hecuva  |  0

I said "mostly muscle" he's about 20% body fat, so in other words 50lbs of him is fat and 200lbs is muscle.. give or take, where as when competing those guys are at like 7% or so, if he was that way he would only be about 200lbs or so

  KK3137  |  31

I was lying in bed one night making out with my girlfriend after a long and busy day, and suddenly she just stopped "participating". She had fallen asleep out of exhaustion, and it took me a good couple seconds to realise why she wasn't reacting :D

By  Brolin  |  4

Normally I'd go with don't date fatties, but I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say that he's just a tall guy and is built decent, I have a friend who is near 250 is going into the army and is like 6'3" and he's in good shape. Though if he isn't like that, then it is definitely your fault.