By Anonymous - 25/10/2014 00:30 - Australia - Perth

Today, I was waiting at a traffic light next to an ice cream van. The man in it turned to me and winked, making sexual hand gestures. I felt my childhood die horribly as I watched. FML
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Better not make eye contact with him when you lick your ice cream.


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euphoricness 28

Nah, he might enjoy that coming from OP and depending on the flavor

Better not make eye contact with him when you lick your ice cream.

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your picture makes this comment even funnier.

Why do people think it's creepy? He doesn't have to be child friendly to every single person he come in contact with

Good one! It must have like taken you ages to come up with that

Because it's normal for the driver next to me to make sexual gestures towards me. Not creepy at all. Especially since I have no idea who he is.

It's creepy because he was making unwanted sexual solicitation of a complete stranger. If he has zero moral compass in that situation, what other inappropriate things might he do when around children? He's a creep.

He was being lewd and disrespectful to a woman minding her own business in her own car. Creep. He's probably the type who hits on the early-developed 13 year old girl and then claims "jail bait" like a ******* CREEP.

7- Because making sexual gestures at a complete stranger is creepy no matter how old they are. It's sexual harassment.

Plus is was the ice cream man. The ICE CREAM MAN. My childhood was filled with hope whenever I heard the ice cream truck. And now that they're making sexual gestures.... Yeah... Not very pleasant

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Early-developed 13-year old here. Not leaving the house anymore.

#18 how do you know OP is a woman? Could be a gay ice cream man... Although that doesn't make it any less creepy.

I doubt she'd forget that anytime soon. That's creepy as ****...

SnowKitten 14

Should've smiled and stuck the finger up at him