By stop it ninja - 14/10/2012 07:00 - United States - Fredericksburg

Today, while I was using my computer, my cat ran up to the power strip, looked me in the eyes, and hit the power switch, turning everything off. She does this quite often. FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

That is the coolest thing ever. Your cat is such an asshole! A hilarious, intelligent, feline asshole!

The fact that she looked you in the eyes meant she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.


Obviously hasn't gotten the hint yet if they are on FML posting about it! XD Go play with your cat! :3

True!! She probably just wants your attention. If she removes the cord so often, then you must be on your computer a lot. Go live your life! And give some time to your cat.

j5p332 6

Here is the hint... Put your power strip where the cat won't step on it. They usually have slots in the back so you can place them under the desk or on the wall using screws.

83 Or just expose the wire. A nasty shock next time she tries it. She may not be able to try it again afterwards though...

You're an asshole, I'd report you to the RSPCA just for suggesting that horrible idea!

iamzikang 17
TheFamilyElf 17

That is the coolest thing ever. Your cat is such an asshole! A hilarious, intelligent, feline asshole!

djinnsnme 19

Some day cats will rule the world!

See I told you cats are evil assholes!!

You would be an evil asshole too if no one paid any attention to you. :c

Blacksabbath211 9

Not if he only has a webcam to record it with :-)

Yep, my girl doesn't pay me any attention. Then complains that I'm a dick, but still sleeps in my bed and eats my food. #feelingused

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

They practically ruled Egypt... Does that count?

SenselessPattern 12

#80 Please keep your tenacious tacky twitter tendencies off FML, sir/ma'am.

klovemachine 24

My cat does the same thing to my fiancé's computer :D #lol

kittytub 12

19, exactly right. this cat is the next recruit in my army. after the one who took advantage of that old lady, of course.

The fact that she looked you in the eyes meant she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

maxmex13 7

Which is why the cat must suffer consequences accordingly.

Smart little buggers, they are. And they know what they're doing, too. Mine does that to both my Xbox360 and ps3. She opens the disk tray on the Xbox the crafty little shit. It's all part of their plan to dominate the world, I tell you.

zingline89 18

Dominate the world? But the one in your profile pic looks so cute, fluffy, and innocent...

6, maybe your cat was high.:P *flashback* I read your profile and see you posted 99 FMLs. Now I see you have 99 problems and a bitch ain't one. It's a kitty that's the problem!(:

Did your cat also steal your phone, take a selfie and make it your profile picture? D:

stormracer101 5

My cat also messes with my Xbox 360 and my light switch. He also likes to flush the toilet.

56- I still don't understand why that FML was removed. :( Wow I never realised I'd posted so many.

MalloryKnox 8

Yup, my cat is an X-Box unplugger too.. No eye contact though so it must be an accident (I think?). Still really annoying.. Thank god for autosave!

Dr_Death_Defy 0

#6 I completely agree with you. Someday cats will overthrow us as the dominant species. strangely I kind of look forward to this so I can rub it in the faces of all the ass holes that have called me crazy over the years.

your cats an absolute dick.. spray it with water or something lol

perdix 29

After seeing this, I have to retract the part of my comment #10 about cats being stupid. #8's comment about spraying the cat with water while it's by the power strip did serious damage to my concept of the intelligence of the human race as a whole.

Please test it out and let us know how it goes!

Uh.. 8 didn't say spray it with water at the power strip... O_o.

I think President Bush has already got that down.

well maybe shes saying you need to spend less time on the computer and more time with her. maybe she's feeling lonely

Get another cat... That'll take care of the lonely side, if she is in fact lonely.

perdix 29

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You clearly don't have a cat. They can be awfully clever.

Cats are smarter than you think. They understand their surroundings fairly well. If pressing a button causes you to flip out, the cat will always remember what to do the next time it wants to **** with you.

OP didn't say it pressed a button, and they didn't say the cord was across the room either. The cat probably just approached OP and saw the cord. My computer's cord is directly underneath my computer, and if a cat swiped at it, it would come out. The fact that you think cats couldn't pull that off and are stupid shows just how ignorant you are.

33- Calm yourself and reread the FML. Power Switch = Button.

I am going to have to agree with Perdix, cats just like any other animal, lack the ability to think.

#55: I grew up on a farm so I know exactly how smart animals are and how capable they are at figuring out the solutions to problems. Sometimes they're too intelligent for their own good.

55 - You seriously think animals lack the ability to think? That's just sad... Cats are highly intelligent, and so are most animals. It's been well documented, not to mention proven, that animals think and learn.

Yes, animals are very smart. Its all instinct. They can't actually think about different situations.

61 - Yes they can think about situations. You really should do some research before you talk about things you clearly know nothing about. Gorillas have been taught sign language, dolphins and rats have learned of foods that are natural birth control and eat it accordingly, and chimps taught themselves to use tools... Orangutans are also highly intelligent and are constantly learning, which requires thinking... Those are just very few examples that animals can, and do, think.

#61: You must be stuck in some dark cellar somewhere, to have never gone outside and observed the behavior of animals. You have my sympathy, sir.

I have taken philosophy in high school and now psychology in college. I see where you are coming from because I had the hardest time believing it too with owning a golden retriever my whole life but both of them tell me the same thing.

67 - That would only be a valid argument if philosophy and psychology dealt with the abilities of animals to think, which they don't. Also, news flash, humans are animals too.

#67: So based on your reasoning, we as humans only act on instinct without the ability to think and solve problems? After all, scientifically speaking, humans are animals too. Edit: #70 beat me to it.

Scarnuts - In what way is it "instinct" for a cat to turn off a power switch? I'd love to know where cat-ancestors encountered power switches in the wild often enough that it got encoded into who and what they are. Please, remain in school for a looonnnggg time. Humans are by no means special in their ability to reason; we're just slightly ahead of the competition.

528Alice491 3

Animals do not lack the ability to think! That is insane! Have you never spent time with an animal of any sort?! Obviously they can't run a business, but they aren't just shit machines, animals are intelligent, especially cats, mice pigs, horses, and rats,

agonydrum 7

Scarnuts, seeing as you're clearly wrong it would probably be best to just stop while your behind, and if after taking your psy class you still think animals aren't cognizant than your professor was either a crap teacher or you were just a crap student

SenselessPattern 12

I give props to ScarCat for continuing the argument without getting defensive or insulting people like many people who say controversial/wrong things on FML do.

Lack the ability to think? What are they doing walking around aimlessly on autopilot?? Anything with a brain thinks

SenselessPattern 12

ScarNuts* Damn it, cats are on the mind.

LiterOfCola 16

67: I feel sorry for your golden retriever. It probably has more thinking capabilities than you do if you can't recognize that everything takes thought. Think about your dog knowing what the word "treat" means, knowing when he/she is supposed to eat or go to bed, or growing affectionate of the owner to the point of protection. Think about the fact that you are thinking right now. You're so clearly wrong.

KiddNYC1O 20

They have taught a specie of monkeys to help out with elderly people in homes. It's quite impressive.

My cat does this with my xbox when she rubs against it.