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Flying pussy

Sounds like a "cat"astrophe.


You deserve it

The cat strikes back.:D

The OP deserves it for tossing their cat up in the air. There's no way that could possibly end well

I hardly think they deserve it, op was startled, and it's the bodies reaction to jolt when startled.

Op HELD it up. The tossing was inevitable.

26 - holding =/= tossing.

at least op can say they got pussy flying at them.

Flying pussy

Lmao u have a sick sick mind

Lmfao that's the type of humor we need around here!

anytime theres a cat fml theres always that one perv who uses this as an excuse to make pussy jokes. smh

Poor OP. I'm glad I can say I've never had a face full of.. Nevermind

91- and...what's wrong with that?

Woah woah, pussy is another word for cat. And IM the perv?

I hate when that happens OP. Especially with kittens.

Does it happen with people too or something?

Cats, as opposed to lighter, much more agile and easier to scare kittens. There IS a difference.

And kittens generally have sharper, needle-like claws. A full-grown cat's claws will usually be a bit more blunted.

When you thought cats couldn't get worse. Air cat raids is no joke.

Why do people throw their cats...if I was scared I'd hold on tighter....

Sounds like a "cat"astrophe.

Ba-Dum, Tsh!

Totes Original.

That's so not totes original.

That's a furry situation

That's what I said when I met your mom last night.

I hate when I suddenly throw my cat up in the air.