By trooper93 - Canada
Today, I received a letter saying that I was accepted into university and that I qualified for a number of scholarships. Too bad an equivalent sum of money will be spent fixing the car I hit, after spinning out on ice, whilst driving home from said university. FML
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  popoman  |  0

YDI for not having insurance; otherwise, your insurance would have paid for it, and only your rates would have risen. Also, but not certainly, you probably weren't driving very well.

By  noPENGSinALASKA  |  0

your insurance has to cover it cause the weather caused it. and your rates can't go up cause it's an accident caused by the weather. happended to a good friend of mine. he also was told he had to pay out of pocket but he fought with his insurance companyy and they knew they had to pay so they payed for it.

  starzchick  |  0

yes insurance has to cover it if he had insurance... but you can't blame the accident on the weather.. you have to drive according to the conditions. It's Canada, if you aren't used to it, then stop driving. If the weather is really bad and you have to go 10km/hr, then that's what you have to do..I live here too, and I've driven in some horrible weather, but never had an accident. Stupidest thing i ever heard 'the weather caused the accident'... the only time insurance won't raise your premiums is when you hit an animal that runs into the road, that falls under comprehensive coverage. and if OP didn't have insurance, then he was driving illegally.

  idkweird  |  0

Even my liability insurance covers everything on the other car if I hit someone. It just doesn't cover mine.

I was wondering if it was illegal up in Canada, as well, and since the above poster says it is, then it's a complete YDI if the OP didn't have insurance.