By sick in Vegas - 07/01/2012 22:21 - United States

Today, I'm in Vegas to celebrate my 22nd birthday. I should be out having a blast, but a stomach virus thought otherwise. I'll be spending my birthday stuck in my hotel room eating microwaved soup. FML
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Then he'd have more than just a stomach virus.

So he can add STDs on top of his stomach virus, good thinking:)

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Be careful, hookers add a steep surcharge when diarrhea gets involved without prior approval.

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Look on the bright side, the blast isn't coming out of your ass..

Wait but wouldn't that mean that OP has to buy his own mom?

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Anyone else notice ops name is sick in vegas?

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#84. Good catch! I missed it. Thanks to this info, suddenly the whole story makes sense.

84- everything about your profile (your username, info, and picture) makes me want to Sparta kick you into the pool behind you.

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INo duh op is sick and in Vegas

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Where do you get that shirt. I live in tx and never seen it. Is it in Austin?

In that case, I'd hate to see how you respond to the intimacy FMLs.

^ that made me want to wreck that toothless girl that was begging for money.

^This makes me want to shave my pubes in the shape of a bonzai tree.

TheIsland, rub me you shall. Hapenis bring too you I will. Yes master Yoda. ( damn those Jedi mind tricks)

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^ makes me wish I had a penis

^ This makes me want to say c-c-combo breaker!

Shovels dug himself out of his own hole. :D Yay for irony.

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^this makes me feel irrelevant.

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^ this makes me feel relevant

Oh great... Op is sick and you suggest he/she sits in a crowded area?

When I was in Vegas in April I went to the casino in my hotel, lost $100 bucks in like 10min, and said screw this and hit up bars and clubs with some crazy Canadians and British people I just met until 7am. Long story short, casinos blowwww!

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That's crazy I was in Vegas in April too and there were some Canadian chicks at this one casino bar too hmmm...

Well if they were from Vancouver, maybe they were the same girls. O.o

AGREE! Suck it up, go take some anti-diarrhea tablets & go f**k s**t up!!!

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Take a laxative empty that stomach and party it up op!

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If it didn't suck, it wouldn't be on FML. Not trying to be offensive, it just sounds to me like you were just trying for a fast comment so you could be on the first page.

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Aw that's no fun! I hope you get better soon though and happy birthday!

Now you're blasting chunks of vomit

I see where you were going with that. But it failed.

I think microwaved soup is ******* delicious. You can celebrate when its gone anyways