By nomorealcoholeva - 14/03/2015 16:52 - Norway - Bod?

Today, I was so drunk that I forgot how to use the key to my front door. But I knew how to break a window, get into my locked basement, and unlock the basement door with my front door's key. FML
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nomorealcoholeva tells us more.

Followup for asked questions! I found my phone, wallet and lipstick in the Mailbox. I am 97% sure i smashed the window with the heel of my shoes. And i live alone, so the only explaining i have to do is to my landlord, Jesus, i do not look forward to that. And yes. I am a 22year old girl. Boom

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sounds like drunk you is pretty smart

Your landlord is Jesus? Sounds like all you can do is pray...


sounds like drunk you is pretty smart

Lol that's a difficult story to tell. "I broke into my own house."

#2..think you need to read that again

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Nah nah, meth'll **** you up. Funny thing is, people are instantly afraid of weed cause it's illegal. They don't know anything about it, just assume it's worse than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

With meth you'd be breaking into other people's homes instead of your own.

or you'd be breaking... ...bad.

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It's not decriminalized in FL possession is a crime here still (such a shame, really), and it's federally a "Schedule 1" narcotic with "no medicinal benefits whatsoever". I wish it was legal.

we had a police man come into our class and say weed grown natrally or not or laced with other drug or not is the equivlant of 15 cigarettes


Weed is legal where i live.

Good luck explaining why you broke a window when you had a key the whole time, that's going to go down well lol

"I found the key afterwards."

Your drunken side is pretty smart if you ask me

Might want to drink less, or invest in harder to break windows

Did you use the key to break the window?

OP probably used an axe.

Congratulations! You successfully MacGyver'd your way out of this If they ever relaunch the show you should apply

The female mcgyver! I will happily fill that part

You got inside, didn't you?! Be proud, you drunk(former) SOB!