By Anonymous - United States - Fremont
  Today, I was video chatting with my boyfriend, when his doorbell rang. He said it was his friend and that he'd be back soon. He shut off his video feed but forgot to mute his audio. A few minutes later, I heard him and some orgasm-faking girl getting it on in the background. FML
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  teentee401  |  36

Also, if cheating isn't a good enough reason to break up, maybe the fact that he was stupid enough to keep the call going while cheating--instead of just hanging up--is a good enough reason.

  GhostFox  |  33

OP's boyfriend knows what trust is, he just knowingly used it to take advantage of her. What he doesn't know the definitions of are loyalty, honor, and basic human decency.

  Shade1982  |  20

Or he knows them and just doesn't care. Not knowing the definitions sounds like it might somehow not be their fault. I'm sure plenty of people actually knowingly act like that...

  Tripartita  |  44

I should clarify: when I say MY porn, I don't mean porn that I've starred in—which isn't to say I've been in porn at all! Tripartita would be a terribly nerdy porn name! Ha. Don't search for it.

By  FlutterLoud  |  29

I'm sorry OP, I bet you two will have a lot to talk about. I hope things work out good for you, you deserve somebody who's loyal to you. (And he deserves a faker ;) )