By Anonymous - 12/10/2010 15:06 - United States

Today, while at my friend's house, I decided to climb up on a shelf and pounce on him when he came back downstairs. When I heard someone coming, I assumed it was him and pounced. It was his grandma carrying the laundry. FML
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ninjafrogz66 0

I hope she was fine and punched you

cantfightfate 0

you better do her laundry for her now. **** grandmas life for having a grandson with retarted friends.

Mumbellosity711 0

I bet you pushed her in front of a train after that

your the very reason why old people have constant back aches.

hey look on the bright side, after the funeral, you can all look back and laugh at that hilarious yet tragic moment

rallets 22

this has dumbass written all over it. just sayin

shelba97 5

why would you ever even pounce on someone

'I decided to climb up on a shelf' and I stopped right there and clicked YDI.

loool i can imagine how it happened xD poor granny tho :p

She was probably blowing her rape whistle. Lol.

killabee 0

This is hilarious, IF she is still living.

LonelyLoser42 0

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MasterOfTheXP 2

6 is your favourite number? Nice to know.

I believe that is the score he is giving OP's dive. Damn Russian judges.

Jessi2487 0

you op are an idiot. i hope she beat u with her coinpurse.


Yet another reason why elderly people should be put to sleep.

Because they do laundry? I, personally, would be thrilled for a senior citizen to wash my clothes for me. prevent moronic kids from jumping on them. Yes, I see your logic.

Ha you are the archetype of a hypocrite christian.

You suck! I'm a Grandma, I used to be young and dumb too. I think young people under 40 should be put to sleep. There'd be a lot less crime and the world would be quieter. Mark my words you'll be old one day too!

mmm you guys just got owned xD wait youre a grandma reading fml?? the best!! :D


Rad dude! We got owned guys! TotallyXD G-mas! yeah dude! Fist pump!