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Hah, I'd say watch your back if your brother wasn't hilarious. Good on him.

Why the fuck were you looking?


Hah, I'd say watch your back if your brother wasn't hilarious. Good on him.

This was a trap perfectly placed and set off. I love OP's brother.

Yeah, being an artist people tend to look in my sketchbook when I'm not looking and without permission, so I always draw something mentally scarring like two unicorns and a pug humping or something of that sort to scare away unwanted eyes. Good for your brother for doing something similar.. Nosy people are extremely obnoxious.

Why the fuck were you looking?

Because He Wanted To find Porno On.His Laptop

Nope, she was trying to blackmail him and had her head spun instead.

Look behind you... Too late you're dead

Damn it..I was too late

Thanks. I just got killed while taking a shit because I wasn't quick enough to look behind me.

You should know by now to be on guard while in the bathroom! Did zombie land teach you nothing??

love that movie :-)

Rule #3 bro...rule #3

Well why were you snooping through his computer?

And that, dear readers, is why you never piss off a potential author. You just might end up being the victim of a cruel and unusual death.

Run, Forrest run!

Curiosity killed the OP :p

Satisfaction brought OP back! :P

He's hilarious

he's a genius!

He so set you up and you took the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

You better start getting rid of the fingerprints on the keyboard and mouse, just back away and pretend it never happened.