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  purple5  |  0

uh... not funny!

also, there's a thing called back-up. i would've thought you'd keep back-up of something that important! also, check that there is definately no way to recover the data. if you don't know how to do it yourself, go get a specialist or something if it means a lot to you.

  Pb2Au  |  0

Get a recovery software such as It'll drag back deleted files from your hard drive, from SD camera cards, and any other media. Good luck


ohh goodddd. PLEASEE JUSSSTTT STOPP IT ALREADYY!! i never "feed the trolls". i keepit to myself but its getting SOO annoying. its not even funny. now i could see if you were one of those funny trolls who say funny things kidding around, but you are just obnoxious. if this is what makes you happy, then its more of a FYL AND the OP's .

  Imawhalerider  |  0

The reason why he didnt get enough attention is because he is dumb, he should have stolen your book and sold it. then it would be a a real fml. It would be good to get another draft in . . 3 years really? and you didnt back it up. your laptop could have gotten destroyed and the same thing would happen.

  Fourty  |  0

He deleted "all traces" of the novel. Maybe he figured out where the back up files were and deleted them. It's probably possible for him to make it impossible to recover the files if he knows enough about computers (Though I doubt it, he couldn't really be that smart.)

FYL for sure, even if you get the files back your brother is still a fucking douchebag.

  zargon  |  1

The problem is that his brother was able to delete all traces. If he had made proper offsite backups that one should make for something that important, his brother wouldn't have been able to touch them.

  buzongtang  |  0

It is not a matter of caution, Christal, it is a matter of common sense. You do not put all your eggs in one basket if that basket is prone to, say, catching flame or being carried away by a hungry hen hound, because that is the nature of a flamable wood basket full of tasty eggs. Conversely, computers are volatile devices which are prone to damage and theft. If you have data you do not want to lose, you back it up. It has nothing to do with caution and everything to do with whether or not you are using common sense.

  noobgang7  |  5

Reload your pc from the last checkpoint. It loads your computer back to that date so you can have everything that was lost. I did this when I lost all my songs and saved me from redownloading 2000 songs again ( from iTunes )

By  CyclonePsycho  |  1

lololol, sibling rivalry.

Even if it's going to take a lot of work to get all of it back, think of it this way: rewriting the whole thing may give you a different perspective and end up improving your writing. A blessing in disguise :)?

  Qwermy  |  16

Windows or Mac system passowrds are in fact weak enough that even the strongest password can be cracked in about 30 seconds by a less-than-brilliant hacker. Unless you go to extreme security measures, things like this can happen to anyone

By  JTMan95  |  0

No... way! I'm working on a book myself. I was worried about something like this happening to me, so I saved multiple copies in different locations. I hope you have it printed out. You (or you could hire somebody) could just copy and retype it.

By  pandaloop  |  0

ahh what a little bitch. I'd have strangled the fuck if he deleted anything I've been writing for that matter the reason. The best of luck to you recovering any of those files!!