By suspended - 31/07/2016 15:39 - United States - Grand Blanc

Today, I had to give an important presentation, so I checked it over one last time before taking a shower and heading out. I found out too late that my brother used that window of opportunity to replace the entire document with the N-word repeating over and over again. FML
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excuse my language but your brother is a total douchebag

This brother is either a teen and extremely immature or a little kid that learned a bad word. Hope your professors will show sympathy OP


excuse my language but your brother is a total douchebag

How dare you speak in English. You excusing yourself is not enough.

I know right? inexcusable. I think we're going to need the Police to show up. Absolute disgrace.

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Nah, 39, you can totally fault him for it. Jokes are meant to be funny, and the repeated usage of a horrible racial slur isn't funny at all. Besides, in what world would that constitute as a joke? I can't imagine that being funny under any circumstances.

Grammar police here, someone reported a problem

49, in the world of Donald Trump it would (Trump is the real douchebag)

44 - How are you replying to 49 if you're 44? Are you from the future?

Ah yes you have discovered me. Now you have altered the timeline, the world is doomed! (BTW I meant 41 haha)

This brother is either a teen and extremely immature or a little kid that learned a bad word. Hope your professors will show sympathy OP

Or a jealous older brother who needs to grow up.

By the looks of OP's nickname i doubt the professor was too forgiving. What a shame, it was clearly a mistake, nobody in their right mind would do that on purpose

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I thought it was nutmeg.

Funny I thought it was napkin.

Haha I though it was NarWhal.

You are all wrong. It was NEPTUNE!!!! *dum dum duuuuuuum!*

PePziNL 20

No, it was n*gger. Damn naggers.

I was thinking op meant nachos!

Maybe you nag a lot. Nagger?

definitely nuggets

whys this being downvoted??? i see nothing wrong with it hes not implying anything bad butthurt people of the internet these days smh :/

johhnn 8

I'm pretty sure they meant NIGGERRRRR

Did you not save the document on your email? Seems like something someone would do if it was that important.

LostInTheZone11 29

Or a flash drive.

His username is 'suspended' so I'm guessing they had to give the professor a copy or something..honestly I really hope your brother gets into serious trouble op, this isn't funny.

0P said he discovered too late, so I would guess he turned it in without noticing the change, and the professor didn't care to hear any "excuses" as to why that word was included. As someone pointed out earlier no one in their right mind would use that in a school essay and not expect to get failed and / or suspended. That professor and (mainly) your brother sounds like jerks. Sorry OP hopefully your parents understand what really happened and you don't get into trouble for getting suspended.

You should explain what your brother did. And probably beat him up afterwards or tell your parents.

A beating is definitely in order. Crossface Crippler always worked for me!


Right click-->Properties-->Previous Versions, though judging by your username it's too late. Hope your brother is properly punished and your professor/boss(you didn't specify what the presentation was for) will come to understand what happened.

will hitting ctrl-Z bring the document before your brother messed up your document help OP?

That depends on how many undos the program is set for. I try to keep mine at an arbitrarily high number.

wow, is your brother 12 years old. hopefully you still had a job after.

Your brother deserves a brutal ass kicking of the highest order and magnitude. No excuse for that crap.