By suspended - / Sunday 31 July 2016 15:39 / United States - Grand Blanc
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Nah, 39, you can totally fault him for it. Jokes are meant to be funny, and the repeated usage of a horrible racial slur isn't funny at all. Besides, in what world would that constitute as a joke? I can't imagine that being funny under any circumstances.

  CamBen42  |  29

By the looks of OP's nickname i doubt the professor was too forgiving. What a shame, it was clearly a mistake, nobody in their right mind would do that on purpose

  DoomedGemini  |  37

His username is 'suspended' so I'm guessing they had to give the professor a copy or something..honestly I really hope your brother gets into serious trouble op, this isn't funny.

  rydersmomma16  |  21

0P said he discovered too late, so I would guess he turned it in without noticing the change, and the professor didn't care to hear any "excuses" as to why that word was included. As someone pointed out earlier no one in their right mind would use that in a school essay and not expect to get failed and / or suspended. That professor and (mainly) your brother sounds like jerks. Sorry OP hopefully your parents understand what really happened and you don't get into trouble for getting suspended.

By  Cathrin  |  26

Right click-->Properties-->Previous Versions, though judging by your username it's too late. Hope your brother is properly punished and your professor/boss(you didn't specify what the presentation was for) will come to understand what happened.