By minauto - 27/02/2014 23:58 - United States - San Antonio

Today, my car was found with a smashed window and a torn-apart steering column, in order to hot-wire it. The thief didn't get away with my car, though. The engine was in the garage, where I've been working on it for two days. FML
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minauto tells us more.

This actually happened to my boyfriend but he posted it from my account since he doesn't own a smartphone himself. he pulled his engine from his car to work on it (he's an auto tech student) and had been without a car for a few days. luckily he was planning on getting a new ignition, he wasn't however planning on replacing a perfectly good window... but thanks for all the comments guys, i'll be sure to let him know about all the support!

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I'm guessing the thief didn't see the "check engine" light.

This literally just happened to my car two days ago! He not only failed to hot wire it, but he left his phone and screwdriver in my car. -.-


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Wouldn't it have cost more to get a brand new car entirely? I'd be happy if I were you!

Ummmmm, there's this thing called insurance...

what're you trying to say? Wouldn't it cost more to get a brand new car, wouldn't that be a reason to repair the car rather than buying a new one? it's cheaper by your logic, which may or may not be true, OP never said what kind of car it is, so it's hard to say

#27-- I think #1 was saying it's cheaper to replace the broken window and steering column than the whole car had the car been stolen. I don't think he was questioning OP fixing the engine himself.

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it still sucks when someone fucks up your car

That's exactly what I meant, 27. I would rather have to fix my windows, etc, than have to replace my entire car. No, OP shouldn't be "happy" about it, but I think it's better than losing the entire thing.

@16, then you risk making your premiums go up. Some insurances raise your rates EVERY claim. Make sure to read the fine print. He's lucky the car wasn't stolen.

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that's unfortunate. Sorry about that OP.

FYL, that costs a fortune to fix. Hopefully you know some mechanics or can do it yourself.

I'm guessing the thief didn't see the "check engine" light.

Well there would be no check engine light without an engine. The car in that condition wouldn't have the battery arched at all to power the light anyways.

I think #5 was joking.

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Idk if the battery was there either so the check engine light could go on...

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I bet he felt stupid

ah man I thought I was so good at hot wiring!

Clearly he was stupid. You can't steal a car like in the movies. The steering column will still be locked. I'm a car guy, I know.

Talk about a thick headed thief! I bet he didn't see the "check engine" light!

Man, I was wondering what happened. I tried getting it started for like fifteen minutes!

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Only if they're very very good at it. ;)

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ouch, that's gotta suck.

This literally just happened to my car two days ago! He not only failed to hot wire it, but he left his phone and screwdriver in my car. -.-

This needs to go into a compendium of dumb criminals. Hope him leaving his mobile behind helped you catch him.

today, I tried to hot wire a car, but it wouldn't start so I left, forgot my phone and my lucky screwdriver. FML