By Skittlezzz0901 - 21/3/2017 19:00 - United States - Mount Vernon
Today, my manager said I could go on a break when he came back from his. After 7 hours with him still missing, I started to get dizzy. I ended up passing out and hitting my head on a ladder from lack of food. I woke up in the hospital to a card from my manager saying, "Get Well. Don't Sue." FML
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  Will Flynn  |  4

Yeah, HR stopped giving a rats' ass about employees when they became HR instead of "Personnel". Employees became assets, like toner cartridges or staples. Screw corporate america.

By  Bloodknight  |  22

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By  iamnuff  |  11

Not sure what your job is, but how do you pass out from skipping one or two meals? Do you live on the verge of starvation at all times?

That said, working seven+ hours without a break is probably against labour regs.
You can Sue, and you'll probably win.

  thesmeagol  |  22

Most companys in the US will have a policy on how many breaks your allowed to take for shift work. But more a ydi on op, If your relief isnt back after 1-2 hours just go, lack of service/production is on them at that point for forgetting about you