By Naked and Afraid - United States - New Braunfels
Today, my girlfriend's grandparents walked in on us getting intimate. She immediately ran to the bathroom, leaving me alone with them. They only speak Spanish, which is not my first language. We discussed the movie she and I were "watching", all while I was naked under the sheets. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  20

I have to assume that you and girlfriend are both young for this to have happened - Otherwise you would have your own place. While this was really awkward - It could have gone infinitely worse if a crazy Dad lost it over somebody having sex with his daughter under his own roof. Be glad girlfriend’s family was as open as they were to the situation.

Children tend to think of the home they grew up in as “their home”. But in reality that home is provided by the parents and their parents have a right to set certain rules when their offspring are young and living at home. While Girlfriend’s room might feel comfortable to her - having sex there with parents, grandparents, or siblings around is not usually wise. You rarely know exactly how your girlfriend’s parents are going to react in these circumstances.