By tampondealer - Canada
Today, after visiting my mom, she stuffed a bunch of pads in my backpack so I'd have some at my dorm. When I was going through security, I was stopped and ended up missing my flight. Apparently the jumbo pads my mom sent look exactly like packs of cocaine when they go through the X-ray machine. FML
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By  sjx  |  0

Why the hell does everyone care so much about womens' personal hygiene? Everyone cares about who shaves what, and now it's "gross" to use a fucking pad? Back the fuck off.

By  anjyu22  |  0

Unless it was a connecting flight, you have no excuse for not arriving early enough to give yourself plenty of time to get through TSA. (if it was, then yeah FYL)

  GDI  |  0

I don't think they have the TSA in Canada =)

But I'd have to agree - how long does it take to take the pads out and realize they aren't drugs?

  StaticDown  |  0

Well they might be worried she tried to smuggle the drugs inside like powder her pads and use them as an excuse to get away with it, some people are crazy, you never know...

I got held up at airports for hideous things... I bought a horror dvd box set once and the cover was a cardboard flap which had like a pouch inside it filled with liquid, its just on the cover so when you touch the liquid moves around, it was clearly a newly bought dvd and the original cover but they had to rip the cover off in case I placed funny stuff inside for transport :| It was also meant to be a gift...

By  lrb081  |  0

YDI for using pads. How can chicks possibly use such a disgusting form of personal hygeine? I know damn well I don't want wanna be sitting in a formation of fresh and dried blood between my legs. Nasty!

  molacolacake  |  0

Well you're supposed to change them often so that you AREN'T sitting in a pool of your own blood. I also don't understand how it's any more disgusting than tampons just because they sit inside the body. Besides, tampons are uncomfortable and make my cramps worse.

  potatopeeler  |  0

@18: The blood is going to be inside you whether or not you use a tampon. And unless you have a super light flow, no matter how often you change pads, you're going to have blood rubbing against your legs and vulva. And don't forget about the clots.

  sjx  |  0

Sometimes it's too light to get a tampon in. Sometimes people sleep for longer than 8 hours and don't want to get an infection. Sometimes tampons can cause cramps, or hurt. Or maybe since you obviously don't have a period, you just don't get it.

  hornetchik  |  0

I dunno if you should really wear tampons at night! I know I don't feel comfortable doing that anyway!
Tampons are handy, but I don't see how they are any more hygienic than pads. You just gotta change your pad regularly. Easy.

  pinkkloverr  |  0

obviously you're a guy... just so you know, there are millions of reasons why are girl would choose a pad over a tampon. and sometimes they use both. and i won't go into details or give examples of this situation. people really need stop complaining over a girl's preference/choice of her monthly personal hygiene products. jeez! its just one of those things that people DON'T need to worry about and should mind their own business.

  hijkl00  |  0

@ #29

Blood rubbing against your legs and vulva?

Thats not supposed to happen.

Also, all girls lose during a period is about half an eggcup of blood. Tiny amount really, considering this is over 2 days - a week.