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Today, while I was making dinner, my husband argued that our new dog has intelligence issues, and we should give him away. I angrily defended the poor thing, and had almost won, until the dog walked over and licked the inside of the hot oven door. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

This is really an FtDL (**** the Dogs Life)

What I want to know is why the hell the "hot oven door" was able to be licked.. If he just walked over while you were still using it, then I feel more sorry for the dog that you left the hot oven open.. =/


datechnerd 21

guess you're having tongue for dinner

groovycrazyjoe 18

@1 I'm guessing that was a joke was suppose to be funny

That joke was so bad it was funny.

I guess you could say that joke... was in poor taste

Issues? Seems like down-right dumb ****..

Bet you've eaten or drank something that was too hot before. Guess that makes you a dumb **** too.

#38: i think there is a difference between testing a beverage and touching an oven door, even more lick said door...

slytherbitch 15

It's a dog... Dogs don't instinctually realize ovens are hot.

How is a dog supposed to know ovens can be hot? Chances are, you touched a hot iron or burner when you were a kid. That doesn't make you stupid.

Children and babies stick thier hands on hot oven doors. It's a normal part of learning. It probably smelled like food.

Dogs don't realize when something is hot. That's why you aren't supposed to give them a scrap piece of hot food. They will burn their tongue on it. I'm sure the dog smelled the food on the oven and being a dog didn't realize the oven was hot.

I cook with a oven all the time. There's a strong wave of heat so string you can't get close. The dog should of felt the heat coming off the oven. Every animal has a natural fear of fire, especially animals with flammable fur like dogs. It should of been conscious if it was smart.

#195 were you born with the ability to know that something with a wave of heat is dangerous? No. Were you born a genius? No. Were you born with a heart that feels sorry for any living creature at all? I seriously doubt it cuz you obviously don't have that.

Maybe he was trying to clean up a mess for you :(

EphMi 5

that aint stupidity, thats bravery!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I doubt a dog could tell if an oven door was hot...

RedPillSucks 31

This is really an FtDL (**** the Dogs Life)

What I want to know is why the hell the "hot oven door" was able to be licked.. If he just walked over while you were still using it, then I feel more sorry for the dog that you left the hot oven open.. =/

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Except it kinda is. She should've finished what she was doing instead of pausing to argue. Even if OP didn't pause, it's not that hard to push the dog back with your legs, get food out of the oven, and respond to someone. She should have been paying attention. My family does it everyday with my dog and cats.

MidnightMusic53 37

Sometimes we crack the oven door a little to let it cool, perhaps that was what OP was doing, or maybe OP was taking something out of the oven while arguing and the dog just licked it before she could stop him.

Thanks #114. You have a fair point there. Still, things like this make you learn very quickly how vigilant you must be when you first get a pet of any kind. Similar to when dealing with little kids, can't let them out of your sight, or mischief will undoubtedly happen..

#25 My cat likes to be in the kitchen when I cook. Even when I make a roast or fish or something she obviously likes the smell of and wants to eat, she has never even gotten close to the oven when it was hot. Most animals are smart enough to know when something is hot and to stay away from it. That said, sorry about your poor puppy OP, hope he's going to be ok. And don't let your husband toss him out just because he's not very smart!

Haha #132 no, I'm not. Just someone who loves dogs. ^.^

MidnightMusic53 37

I agree, #119. You never know what habits a new pet has, and sometimes even pets you've had for awhile can surprise you. Our dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen partially for their own safety, and to keep dog hair out of the food. The OP probably didn't expect it, but shouldn't have let the dog get so close to the oven. Hopefully the poor dog's tongue isn't too badly burnt and OP learns from this experience. I honestly hope she was able to keep the dog. All this dog needs is some training, and in this case, lots of patience.

Well guess you're getting rid of the poor thing

Well, the thumbs got rid of your comment. That's for sure.

just because a dog isn't super smart doesn't mean you should give him away. as long as he's not tearing up the house I don't see an issue with having a stupid dog.

Stupid beings can be extremely dangerous. Head butting walls and knocking pictures down, knocking stuff off tables, eating hazardous things. They need more supervision.

LuckBeNimble 19

it's a personal choice. while you may feel it's not the worst thing in the world, the owners may not have the time or desire to keep the dog safe and out of trouble--especially if this particular dog is prone to injury.

All you have to do is basically baby-proof your house. My parent's dog is not too smart (he tries to eat paint) but they kept him.

My dog ran through the screen door three times and we kept him. He's stupid at some stuff, but he's the best cuddler I know and I wouldn't give him away even if he was too dumb to bark. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I see pets as a permanent thing. Not something you can just give away whenever you feel like it EDIT: I misread. I didn't realize it was a new dog, not one they have had for awhile. Move along :)

hippo1234 19

Would you get rid of your kid because they were a little slow on the draw? I don't think so. As long as the dog isn't dangerous or aggressive or so horribly ill they need to be put down, you should stand by the commitment you made.

34: Humans > dogs. Humans are way more important.

Razi_tail 25

42 it doesnt matter that humans are greater than dogs, the point is that you don't just throw them away because you think they are stupid. That's the problem with out society, we treat pets as something disposable.

42: **** humans they come and go. a dog stays by your side no matter what. even if you're a douche to the poor thing, it'll love you with all its heart.

42- Dogs > Humans. I can think of A LOT more negatives in humans than dogs. Case in point: OP's husband shows no compassion. A dog does.

Never said that dogs weren't important, just stating that the comparison makes no sense. its like comparing apples to oranges. And to the ones who say that dogs are more important, I bet you would cry more and have more emotion if your mom or some other family member died as compared to a dog dying.

Even if they just did adopt the dog, it's a terrible thing to give him away. So what if the dog isn't particularly bright. Is he fun? Does he play? Is he affectionate? Does he bark at intruders? My mom and stepdad took in a cat who was brain damaged (he'd been found in a dumpster) and kept that cat the rest of his life.

If my mom died I would throw a party. And on the anniversary of the party I would throw an even better party with a banner reading, "the bitch is still dead!:D" If my pet died I would be depressed for a long time.

50 - not always true ... Whether you see it or not, every animal has a darker side to them (humans tap into that side a lot more obviously, but still). I've seen dogs turn on the most loving, faithful owners, run away even on the most compassionate people, etc. I'm not saying this to justify treating animals cruelly, it makes me sick (and being a dog lover in particular, makes my blood boil), but it's important to keep in mind that ALL life should be respected. Humans are not more important than dogs, but neither are dogs more important than humans. Just my two cents ...

@34 are you comparing a child to a dog?

duude989 7

Why are 18 and 24 getting so many down votes, they sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

My dog runs into tables, chases imaginary birds, and can't figure out how his own tongue works, and he's still more self-sufficient than most of the people I know. Find out what your dog's mannerisms and habits are, and you should have no problem keeping him out of trouble. And if your husband thinks that life is so disposable, he probably shouldn't reproduce....

Running into tables, not being able to control the tongue, and especially chasing things that aren't there can be signs that there is something more serious than being dumb going on with a dog ...

LuckBeNimble 19

I feel everybody is missing the point. regardless of how YOU feel (I, for one, don't believe lack of intelligence is grounds for abandonment), it's up to the owner. besides, wouldn't you rather the "dumb" dog go to a loving home than stay with questionable, half-hearted owner(s)?

Then they shouldn't have bought a dog in the first place.

JokersHQ 21

Not only that but also when you make a commitment to getting a pet you keep it. They are loving breathing things that actually care about their owners. You can't just throw them in the trash and give them away because they're not perfect.


The problem with stupid dogs is that they make me look bad. Though it is fun to pull out my big green mask and scare it while yelling "OOOGA BOOGA BOOGAAA!!!!"

Courage the Cowardly Dog reference, for those who didn't get 173's joke.

When you take on the responsibility of taking in a pet, you take on the responsibility of loving & caring for that pet for the rest of its life. I have had many pets & I've never just gotten rid of them because they were dumb or an inconvenience. I just had to put down my oldest dog (due to cancer, she was 17) & I was in the room with both my parents, holding her until the very end. When I make a commitment to adopt a pet, I make a commitment to be there until the end. All dogs are hard work (I have three). My newest dog (12 years old) wasn't even meant for us. A family friend said that they couldn't keep him & would have to brink him to the pound, but we took him in & now spend a lot of money taking care of his medical needs (arthritis & allergies). That is what a true pet owner is, is being there until the end. Personally, there are veryyyyy veryyyyy few valid excuses as to why someone gives up their pets

That sounds like he has a brain tumor. Coming from a pre-med/ pre-vet student

Your husband is wrong. You're supposed to treat pets like family, regardless of their intelligence level. Wanting to get rid of him for that is just messed up.

badluckalex 23

Next time he does something done she should threaten to send him away

Would you want to get rid of your kids for the same reason? There's no difference.

While I mostly agree, some people don't value dogs as much as people (especially their own family and children) and so consider the difference between their children and dogs quite large. I love my dogs to death and consider them my fur family, but I have to admit, my people family is just a little more important to me (but I hope I would never be in a position where I would have to choose my family over my dogs.)

I like my dog quite a bit more than my people family

Quite often I like my dogs more than my family, but I still have to say my family is just a little more important to me.

Not that I'm in favour of it, but people still send away their special needs family members too. It's the whole "I can't deal with their problems" mentality that apparently goes towards pets too.

Yes we should force all those terrible people to keep their special needs pets they don't know how to handle and can't afford to buy extra care for! Obviously they should be forced to support a special needs pet they would feel overwhelmed with & don't have the training to handle. [End sarcasm]

Lol poor dog. Maybe he needed some training?