By Joel_mama - 27/07/2009 01:12 - New Zealand

Today, while driving home with my parents. I pretended to be asleep so mum wouldn't talk to me. They then took this time to describe what they were going to do to each other when they got home. In full detail. FML
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And this is why it pays to pretend with headphones on.

Right when they started you should have pretended to wake up and made a loud noise to let them know.


And this is why it pays to pretend with headphones on.

Oh nooo, your parents have sex, what a horrible thing. Grow up. (Trolltrolltrolltroll)

@46. Yes his parents have sex, i'm sure he knows this. But _NO_ONE_ wants to know what their parents do when they have sex. No one wants to hear about it or hear it. Would you?

which is why you yawn loudly and see if they stop

ive seen this exact same FML... get a new story

ewww but no one wants to hear about how their dad's going to mouthwash with their mum's vagina.. YEKK!!!!! LMAO!!!

you should have pretended to wake up asap!!

Did you get a boner?

Oh geez, I lol'd. Good show, sir.

#2 He totally did. I know it.

I wouldve embarrassed them about it later;(

Good thing to do

Right when they started you should have pretended to wake up and made a loud noise to let them know.

that's exactly what I would have done...lest I spend hours rocking back & forth in my room willing myself to stay awake so I wouldn't PICTURE what they were describing!

The OP was probably too shocked when this started, and by the time he thought of that it was already too late.

True. This is probably the funniest FML ive seen in a while.

lol love that reply... xD, but use alcohol to help when your eyes are open

Sounds to me like her mom already knew and was doing it on purpose so that she would "wake up". Once she wakes up, she has to talk to her mom.

No, at least she knows her parents love each other. xD

And you didn't "wake up"? Kind of creepy. You so wanted to hear it.

haha he so did!!! i mean if he was "sleeping" he could of like moved so they could shut up.

That's what I was thinking. He could've easily faked waking up, so there's only one reason that he didn't.. It totally turned him on!

YDI for being allergic to fur

Lmao, you win #5

you make nooooooo sense

Boots with the fur?

I'd get out my cell phone and pretend to call someone and start doing the same, and see how they liked it.

It's a special time in a young man's life...

i believe its an old old wooden ship, made during the civil war era

Search it on google images

Umm you could've pretended to wake up. YDI for putting up with it.

i think i read a similar fml some time ago, except instead the parents were discussing how fat the author was or something. not saying this is fake though. why didn't you wake up? once they started you should've been able to tell what they were talking about and immediately woke up instead of still lieing there "asleep". unless you actually wanted to hear it, which makes this not an fml.

i was just gonna say that..yeah the OP was pretending to sleep and the parents went on about how fat she was.