By Anonymous - / Saturday 2 January 2010 13:33 / United States
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  iKaite  |  0

This FML makes me mad. You talk like she's stupid. This FML is offensive and it stigmatises people with mental health issues. I hope FML staff take it down because people are laughing at this womans illness. Would you laugh at someone with cancer who is distressed? No, you wouldn't. This is disrespectful and nasty.

  iKaite  |  0

I suspect that she is actually confused from the shit loads of meds that they give you! She shouldn't be out of hospital if she is still behaving like this.

  tisiphone_fml  |  0

#21, not all FMLs are funny. A lot of them are not funny at all - hence, "FML". This isn't 4chan... we're not ruthlessly tormenting everybody who posts - trolls do that. And really, its his aunt who is ill, and he just ate a bunch of crayons, so FHL indeed.

  Janah_the_ENP  |  0

iKaite, you're really overreacting. True, maybe we *shouldn't* laugh, but that doesn't mean we *won't* laugh. I'd laugh my ass off if a retarded kid fell over but maybe that's just me.

  Thunderbender  |  2

The fact that she is mentally ill isnt funny. What she DID is funny. Someone putting crayola markers in icing and then having someone else eat is fucking hilarious regardless of WHY the person put the crayola in the icing, whether its because they're a toddler or because they're fucking insane.

And no cancer isnt funny and you wouldnt laugh at the fact that someone has cancer. But no ones laughing at the fact that this woman is insane. The Fml didnt read, Today my aunt just got released from an institution LOLOLOLOOL. Its what she did that was funny. If someone dying of cancer did that it would still be funny.

  spellfire  |  0

Janah_the_ENP, have you ever SEEN anyone fall over? Except for in the movies, that is? It's not funny at all. It's startling, scary, and upsetting. You wonder if the person's all right, or if you just witnessed someone being injured, and have to do something about it. Have you any idea how much skill does it even require to fall in such a fashion that people would laugh? Gah!

  Flutist  |  3

Its not crayons, it was CRAYOLA markers. And laughing at other people just shows your own lack of humanity. Having someone slip on something is funny, as long as they laugh with you. The woman being insane is not. The only funny part was the Op most likely ate a whole bunch of the cookies. Whatever. Laughing at mentally handicapped people who fall just shows how shallow you are Janah_the_ENP. People like you make me angry, because its funny when it happens to other people but the moment you fell you would be bitching (most likely) because someone is laughing.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

I have to be honest here ikaite, my grandfather died because of cancer and lung cancer is taking out my grandmother and my guy's dad has cancer, it's all tragic but yes I am likely to laugh at a joke made about cancer or some wacky issue they have. The reason why is because there is not a darn thing I can do about any of it and given the choice between laughing, crying, and rage, I'd rather laugh, so I choose to look for humor. As human beings everyone has different coping skills for different situations and you just got to accept that and not let it piss you off.
That having been said, I agree with several of the other posters, it's not the Aunt I laugh at, it's the situation because no one expects to be told they are eating Crayola marker. Imagine how stained the OP's tongue probably was.

  Gannon1994  |  0

21, Would you stop trying to justify what people should and should not do? Yeah, it's not great to laugh at it, but you're not helping anything just blurting out how bad it is. In fact you're probably making it even funnier for them.

  wordgirl  |  0

lazytown is right. Don't eat stuff cooked by the obviously mentally ill. But here's the idea about laughing at situations that are truly bizarre, like someone getting fed crayola cookies by a person who was recently released from an institution: It is funny. We're not making fun of the aunt just by laughing at the situation. Life's tragedy is oftentimes funny. Actually, the funniest things are often that way because they touch an element of our own deep pain and truth, so stop with the moral high ground. Chances are, if his aunt were lucid, she's freakin' laugh at it.

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