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Today, while riding on the car with my family, I put on my headphones and pretended to be listening to music and when my parents talked to me, I pretended I couldn't hear them. They took this opportunity to discuss how fat I was and how I can't hold down a boyfriend. They were laughing as well. FML
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You were riding ...on your car?


#1, it might be the girl's fault she's overweight, but her family should not talk about this fact so cruelly- and laugh at her! Especially with her in the car.


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how does she deserve it? sorry to hear about that, your family seems like a mean bunch

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Some people just have slower metabolisms and some people can't lose weight. Welcome to the real world, doll.

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that was totally unnessisary and you are obviously really not thinking because ITS NOT THAT EASY!! especially for people with slow metabolisms!!!! so THINK before you insult people, please, you could really hurt someone!!

I eat healthy food and work out a bit, but I'm not skinny because of that. It's called metabolism, and yours is probably fast. @OP - Your parents are ****** up. Sure you're not adopted..?

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She deserves it because she put on head phones and pretended to be listening to music so she could ignore her family, which is a bitchy thing to do.

Bitchy? I do that all the time when I don't want to listen to my parents and they don't care.

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I agree. It's a great spy technique btw.

Ok, this is dumb. Obviously she deserves it. Not for being fat, but for being a jackass and "play cool" by pretending she wasn't listening to her parents, that's pretty much what you get. Second, if they were laughing about the fact she's fat, it means she doesn't have any special medical problem that keeps her that way. Stay away from the burgers, woman! I'm sorry, but 90% of the people that are overweight are completely responsible for it for not eating healthy. And many of them keep whining all the time about their slow metabolism (most of them don't even know what that is but works as the perfect excuse for staying fat) when it's all about a bad nutrition problem. Not giving your body the nutrients it needs will keep you fat and make it harder to lose weight because it's not about eating less, it's about eating right. So stop feeling sorry for yourselves and trying to look for excuses. It's a matter of health, there should be no excuses. And last, I do think it sucks that they commented on your love life just like that. But hey... they really thought you weren't listening. How many times have you said awfult things about your parents because they're not there? Every teenager does.

@67: your metabolism is probably slow because your cells are clogged with fat and leftovers of ****** up substances like tobacco, alcohol (if you do any of those), meds... and all those things leave the cells "dirty", leaving them unable to perform the process of catching nutrients, absorbing them and getting rid of the waste. So it's not just about "slow metabolism", it's about choosing your nutrients correctly and cleaning up your body a bit with less calories but all the nutrients. Even if you ate salads all the time, you're not getting everything you need because we don't know the entire list of substances, minerals, vitamins, etc. we need every day to be alright, or how much of them we need or where to find all of them. Go for nutritional supplements, those will help you boost that "slow metabolism".

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It's not just that. Can't seem to find the comment right now, but someone said that metabolism is also based on moving around. I smoke, all I do all day is sit on my laptop (yeah, I have no life, but I'm cool with that), and yet I'm still so skinny that everyone tells me I need to put on *more* weight. I only eat fast food, so it's not like I'm eating healthy or anything. It just depends on the luck of the genes. I got gifted with fast metabolism. :) As for the original poster, sucks that they said such things about you. But, that's why you don't eavesdrop unless you're sure you want to hear what's being said about you. :/

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i do that all the time except i actually put on music (: that sucks dude. FYL.

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Also (this might sound a little silly, but) just because her parents were calling her fat, that doesn't necessarily (sp?) mean she is. I know one girl who had a mom constantly tell her that she needed to loose weight, but she was actually really thin! Her mom used to be really fat though, and so she was one of those psycho moms that assumed that her daughter will automatically be a fat ass just because she was. and even if she was fat, and it WAS because of her eating too much (not because of a low metabolism), her parents could have confronted her about it rather than making fun of her. That's just ridiculous- there is NO excuse for that. Sometimes people eat when their depressed, so maybe that could be a reason why she does it. (It wouldn't suprise me, considering she has such shitty parents) So don't jump to conclusions, and try to look at things from other perspectives.

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Wow, you're worse than most over-weight people I know.

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oh well, being a hippy is worse

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I agree with number 1. Exercise won't kill you. If you don't wanna be fat, get off your arse and stop eating maccas.

That is mean of your family. But I can also understand how they could say those things. Think about it; youre talking to someone who obviously isnt listening so now you have the chance to say anything you want to them with no reply. Do you tell them you love them and how great they look today or do you talk as much trash as you possibly can? I would talk trash too and even make shit up. Its fun and entertaining. Especially to the people who are listening. It creates a chance to bond and laugh together. Granted, its at your expense but if it was your sister sitting next to you that was being laughed at, wouldnt you laugh too?

She's a teenager and they're adults, the two don't even compare so for them to basically make fun of their daughter is not okay. And true, some people do use "slow metabolisms" as an excuse for being overweight, but sometimes it sucks for people to have to put in double the work to be an average size when people with faster metabolisms don't have to do that. Although, I'm average, I've had friends who have struggled with their weight. And your statistic isn't exactly correct but regardless, you can't walk around assuming that an obese person isn't part of that 10% who really do have problems. It's just like with homeless people, maybe 80% of them will use that dollar you gave them to buy crack with but I'm not gonna not give them a dollar just because I may think that they're not part of that 20% who will use it to not buy drugs.

@Crimsy Unfortunately for you, having a fast metabolism isn't guaranteed for the rest of your life. And even with a fast metabolism you shouldn't be eating only fast food because of well, so many reasons. So just because you're skinny doesn't mean you're not clogging your arteries with all of that greasy food. Just sayin'.

I think you get what you give. You should respect your folks and not play the "I can't hear you" game. Likewise I think your parents were wrong in what they did. Parents should be helpful and help build up their kids. It's sad that they feel this way and not discussed it with you in a civil way

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Oh hey, #17, you're an asshole. Just because she's over weight does not mean that she eats bad and doesn't care about her health/body. I'm slightly overweight as well, yet I exercise my ass off on a daily basis and eat healthy. I just have an extremely slow metabolism. Why don't you try being a little bit knowledgeable?

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I got a sense that 3 fat people are disliking all the comments that are telling them to lose weight are telling them to eat healthy and 91 I am sorry but I can't like( love ) your comment cause it won't fit on my screen. also yeah YDI

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You are a complete ****, it doesn't matter how fat someone is. You NEVER make fun of someone for it, and if you do you're piece of shit.

I agree it is hard to lose weight. I have been overweight since kindergarten and been bullied too. Even my dad has called me fat. Your parents should help you not bring you self-confidence down. She doesn't deserve to be treated that way especially by her parents. I don't want to listen to my parents music so I listen to my own. That is fine.

If you knew anything about human biology and function you would know that metabolism plays a very small part in excess weight gain. Sorry to burst you bubble, but of you are far over weight it is your own fault.

People are entitled to their own opinion and can say what they want. Welcome to the real world, doll.

don't be a **** next time. you're nothing but a fat brat.

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why would you pretend to listen music? if you don't want to talk to your parents, you could have actually listened to some music. plus, don't crib about being fat online...that is what fat people do. go for a run, and eat healthy, you will be fine.

this. if you're going to ignore your family, try ACTUALLY putting some music on. don't pretend you can't hear them and then bawww about the things they say that they think you can't hear.


#1, it might be the girl's fault she's overweight, but her family should not talk about this fact so cruelly- and laugh at her! Especially with her in the car.

If more people talked about fat people and laughed at them, maybe they would take care of themselves.

sometimes its not their fault that they're fat? it can be genetic. and it's really difficult to lose weight and burn fat, especially for women. why do you think so many people are overweight? i hate when people tell fat people that they deserve being their size. i know some super thin people who don't even work out but have been blessed with a fast metabolism and eat way more and way worse than some other people larger than them.

Most people are overweight because they take more calories in than they burn off. So yes, actually, it is their fault. It's not easy to lose weight, but it's pretty ******* easy to avoid putting it on - eat less, exercise more.

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The OP also is saying what her weight is. Her parents idea of fat may not be somebody else's.

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#23. $10 says your fat as hell.

#191 $10 says you're a ******* bitch

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Your family sounds like a bunch of **** rags.

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that sucks, but if you treat your family like they're not there and they respond to you in kind? Turn about is fair play. Don't be an asshole and you might get treated like a real person.

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little brat deserved it. if you didnt want to talk to your parents, why didnt you REALLY listen to music? you wouldnt have to talk to them and didn't have to hear them making fun of you. win-win. but instead you were retarded.

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You were riding ...on your car?

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yeah... i picked that up too... oh and thats sucks im sorry

Maybe she put the headphones through the sunroof.

Gosh Turtle, obviously she's too fat to fit in the car, then again maybe they were just commenting on how pretty hot and tempting she is? After all if she was really that heavy she could easily hold down 2 men let alone one right?!

Huh... people have already said what I was planning on saying - if you're going to blatantly ignore the folks in the car with you, it's not unusual to expect some rudeness back from them. Sucks to be you, but you kinda brought this on yourself.

Ok so you have a point but regardless of the fact that she was ignoring them, that doesn't make it ok for them to talk shit about her. Just because you think someone can't hear you doesn't mean you should be mean.

Oh, I'm not going to say that her parents are awesome people, either. Seems like the whole family has issues, if you ask me.