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Today, I caught the train into the city. Halfway there some kids hopped on smelling of marijuana and alcohol. Their topic of discussion? How much pubic hair they had. FML
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unknown_user5566 26

An appropriate topic of conversation, considering you live "down under", no? :-P

"Lol, Dave only has one pube! I have, at least 5!" "Wow man, you've got some serious balls, duuuuude" Must have been a riveting conversation.


unknown_user5566 26

An appropriate topic of conversation, considering you live "down under", no? :-P

Yes! Haha because. . . Question: What is an Australian kiss? Answer: Similar to a French kiss, but done "Downunder."

fmmfl1993 1

Is it November in Australia, too?

When I saw this fml I had a feeling it was Australia.(an Australian)

Other than Cheetos, what else is there to talk about when you're young, drunk, and high?

Sex would probrobly be a very common topic for a conversation.

#8 they probably don't get laid if they're talking About their pubic hair.

crazytwinsmom 25

No not Cheetahs, it's always Cooler Ranch Doritos when you high & drunk!!

a_lenzmeier 11

Well depending on the gender the conversation could go like this: Girls: " Did you see that see through shirt that girl Sam was wearing in biology?" "Yeah what a *****." Guys:"Did you see that see through shirt that bitch Sam was wearing?" "Yeah bro. I sat right behind her in Biology." It was awesome!"

In Australia stoner food is maccas lol and lots of it!

jim_bolicious 4

taco bell is my munchy of choice

48- What benefit do you get from sitting behind a girl with a see through shirt? All the goods are in the front.

89- unless you're into those fat chicks, get to look at those back boobs.

SW500 13

I feel like that's a common topic even when sober.

"Lol, Dave only has one pube! I have, at least 5!" "Wow man, you've got some serious balls, duuuuude" Must have been a riveting conversation.

" No way you have five let me see dude" is how I picture it going.

# 30 what the ****? Nobody wants to hear about your prickly pubes.

madskittlesftw 5

Pleonasm, did you and kylee switch places? She's the one making puns now and you're the one commenting! Just wondering:3

Me and kyleekay like to keep you guys on your toes, keep it fresh. Or maybe I just couldn't think of any and was too tired to try, who knows! However, 51, "exactly" what?

'Hey man wanna see my pubes' is not what I would wanna hear on the subway to work!

tsent8 15

Too bad 72 wanna see my pubes?

I don't know about you guys but if I was on that train I'd definitely join in on their conversation about pubes.. Just me? Ok..

Is it just me or is it that every time some one end with "just me? Okay.." It gets buried? I feel if you need to putthatatthernd, just delete the comment and start over

senor_awesome 14

103- did you forget how to use the spacebar, or isthistheway everyone types now?

Yeah didn'tyouhear? This is the waythatpeople who talk abouttheir pubes type.

tsent8 15


If you're young enough to be amused by the goings-on of your nether regions, you're too young for alcohol and pot... Oh, and it's a Thursday - shouldn't those little ******* be in school?

enormouselephant 15

I'm pretty amused by what goes on down there, I don't need to be drunk or high to have a conversation about my hoohah, nor do lots of people.

Do u shave your balls? How do u do it? Should I shave my balls?

Lets not talk about balls and shaving please. No one wants to hear that. Or at least I don't.

tsent8 15

Actually 80 at times I can't tell the difference myself.

4, sadly summer holidays have started. Cannot walk down the street without seeing them waltzing around with their goon bags and crop tops. Dear lord.

101-I understand it is slang, but what are "goon bags"?

tsent8 15

Or crop tops for that matter. Does it have anything to do with pubic hair or pornhub?

A goon bag is slang for the inner lining of cask wine

You never seem to run out of interesting things to chat about when you're a kid.

Am I the only one here who can't speak with baby goats?

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Yup everyone in the world can talk to those baby goats a talked to a stoned one we talked about how many pubes we had

SMH? So Motherfucking High? Smoking My Hemp? Sharing Manly Hairs? Just kidding.

Sharing manly hairs seems very appropriate here.

Yes, two kids were high and talking about stupid shit. This instantly makes all "kids these days" terrible. I'm sure there were kids just as bad, if not worse, in your day too.

Good thing the kids in my year were so much more mature than that. Derp.

Sydney Morning Herald, considering that OP was from NSW....

You should've joined in and said "I can guarantee I have more pubic hair than all of you. I haven shaved since high-school." That would've shut them up. Or turned them on, depending on what kind of freaks you're dealing with.

CheeseTron 15

If I was one of them, I would have bursted out in uncontrollable laughter if OP said that.

Jealous of drunk high kids talking about their pubic hair? Who wouldn't be?!

Lol. I just meant that it really isn't a bad thing, it's mildly entertaining. If he got robbed by the kids that'd be FML.

senor_awesome 14

By all natural, do you mean colored in with a sharpie?

I don't need to shave. My boyfriend's braces usually do the trick.

mduffy08 8

43 - That sounds like it would be very painful.

tsent8 15

Any of you guys remember a previous fml about a guy who got his pubes ripped out by his girls braces? And wtf!?!? My iPhone doesn't try to correct pubes?!

If they didn't have any to start with, it's not much of a trial!