By Damn - United Kingdom - Manchester
Today I found out that my 21-year-old son has been using my face razor on his balls and butthole since he was 13. The best part is that he doesn't actually clean it when he's done; he just wipes the hair off. FML
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  giovamike0927  |  14

bro when i started going thru puberty i was so fuckin hairy i had to trim my armpit hair because it was thicker than the hair on my head but its been 10 years and my body calmed itself down

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Yes because the OP essentially got lucky that he didn't get some kind of skin infection or infection from nicking himself with the razor. It's a hygiene nightmare. Plus, unless you are for some reason into that kind of thing, wouldn't it disturb you a little to find out that you have, by proxy, been rubbing your sons genitals and butt hole on your face?

By  kkaseeno  |  11

YDI. You should have got him his own razor genius. But look on the bright side... it wasnt your daughter doing it. Otherwise your aftershave woulda been salmon scented all these years. O.o


I always hear the fish smell joke, but I’ve never once encountered a woman with a fishy smelling crotch. Musky, yes. And such an amazing, erotic musk it is. But if you’re a woman with a crotch that smells like fish, you need to go see your obgyn bc something is really wrong.