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Today I found out that my 21-year-old son has been using my face razor on his balls and butthole since he was 13. The best part is that he doesn't actually clean it when he's done; he just wipes the hair off. FML

By Damn - / Friday 12 January 2018 00:30 / United Kingdom - Manchester
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  giovamike0927  |  14

bro when i started going thru puberty i was so fuckin hairy i had to trim my armpit hair because it was thicker than the hair on my head but its been 10 years and my body calmed itself down

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  25

Yes because the OP essentially got lucky that he didn't get some kind of skin infection or infection from nicking himself with the razor. It's a hygiene nightmare. Plus, unless you are for some reason into that kind of thing, wouldn't it disturb you a little to find out that you have, by proxy, been rubbing your sons genitals and butt hole on your face?

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