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Today, my boyfriend asked me out to dinner, which we never do. While at the restaurant he gets down on his knees, looks me in the eyes, and pulls out a little box. He opens it and inside is a note that says 'We're Done.' He then leaves me at the restaurant with the bill and the $2.00 box. FML
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Why would he try that hard to be mean? Did you cheat on him?


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I'm sorry, but he must have hated you or wanted to hurt you, seeing as how creative he was in dumping you. But does it matter if the box was $2.00?

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I don't know about you...but I would've kicked his ass.

Ok. We all believe he is a Sumbish. But he is a SumBish with Class!

woahh hella unnecessary. is this fake?

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Because she was probably sitting there, in shock and still reeling from the absurdity of it all, and trying to calculate the bill in her head, when turned over the box and saw the $2 sticker and thought: Great. A break up, the food bill, AND a freakin; $2 box (that I thought was a real jewelry box with an engagement ring in it) is all I have left.

amazing!!! this guy may be a dck but he's awesome

My guess is 97% of the fmls on the site are fake, I have submitted like 4 fmls, all fake and all rejected, thats just me lol.

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Kick his ass? Do most of you girls actually think you are able to kick your boyfriends ass? Not going to happen unless he is really small and frail, or you are ******* huge. You've got a nice surprise coming for you the day you physically attack a guy that actually doesn't give a shit and what gender the attacker is and retaliate.

Science class. Take it. Unless you're anorexic, you have a good chance in being stronger than him.

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#207 I've beat plenty of guys asses thank u. and only one was small n frail. none of the guys cared what gender I was. i've had actually fist fights w/ them thank you.

that's actually really highlarious butreally sad

I pressed "your life sucks" but... someone give that guy a medal!

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lmfao your boyfriend is a champ!!

Haha thats awesome! And considering you made sure we knew it was only a $2 box, I might see why he left you.:p

me n my bf punch on all the time woooooooo

Ooooo look at number 217 retina look all tough(; aha right :D just like the time my obese purple penguin beat up my green scrawny walrus(;

tryina* sorry. lol autocorrect -.-· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· · ... C r a z y i n L o v

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It kinda depends, guys may be stronger but it's also about technique. OP could thrash him if she knows what she's doing. Or even if she doesn't and he's not expecting it. And at the end of the day, girls can give pretty mean slaps which people don't normally get violent at.

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That is unbelievably cruel, OP. I'm sorry you're the kind of jack ass douche who thinks breaking someone's heart is funny. Go to hell

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Seriously. Where does anyone get the idea that unilateral breakups are okay? So disrespectful.

You're right! If one person doesn't want to break up how is it fair for the other person to leave? It's their relationship too!... have you ever been in a relationship? o.O

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I'm thinking it's not the fact that he broke up with her that makes the guy a jackass (though it does suck for the OP). He's a jackass because of how he set it up; it's more than obvious that his whole goal was to make her think he was proposing when his plan all along was to dump her. If you're going to be sarcastic little bitches, don't be so stupid about it.

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wait wait wait... So you think that it is only ok to break up if both parties agree?? Yeah... no. Disrespectful or not, what if one person is a clingy needy emotionaly abusive partner while the other just wants some space? Then they should break up with the clingy person despite if they don't want it or not! Its not a mutual desicion, though sometimes it is. Most likely its just when one person desides they just don't like the other. This also means you agree with this post, right?

I hope karma ***** him hard up the asshole until it hurts!

r u serious 180? when and where was that ever mentioned?

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Why would he try that hard to be mean? Did you cheat on him?

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I actually must agree with these posts. It's fairly hard to believe he'd do all that just for the sake of being a jerk. There are people who do that, but isn't it usually to people they don't actually know? I dunno about her deserving it though. She perhaps has no idea what she did wrong, and he expected her to realize it. When she didn't, he got pissed and dumped her on the ground. Doesn't necessarily make him a jackass, but it certainly doesn't excuse him. Doesn't necessarily mean she deserves it, but it's not much to pity her over...

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Y'Know, part of me wonders if she was one of those needy girls who pesters her boyfriend mercilessly to propose... If so, that is kind of an awesome way to break it off with someone... In theory. To actually DO it is just hideously cruel. She may have deserved to be dumped, but not that way, though kudos for creativity

I think youi're being uber naive. People suck. They may occasionally aspire to be something better but they are selfish, nasty, hurtful bastards who would very much do shit like this just coz it'd be 'funny'. Sorry this happened OP. It's a cliche I know but you are waaaaaaaaaay better off without him.

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well, you got rid of a jerk and now can tell everyone you mutually know just what he did to you. the real fml is the time wasted with him when you could have been a)single and looking or b)with someone a million times better.

But he cared enough to pay $2. That's more than a guy usually pays for a break up

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YDI. Right from the first line -- he never takes you out to dinner. Life tip: some people are assholes, some people aren't, but nobody ever changes. You should've seen it coming and dumped his ass first.

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This is a somewhat valid point.. I'm not sure why it got buried.

just because a couple rarely goes out to eat doesn't mean that doing so automatically means something bad. the boyfriend clearly intended to give her the impression he was going to propose.

Number Ten: Actually, the statement "Nobody ever changes" is incorrect. My best friend's aunt spent a total of four years, two of which at the time both were engaged, with an asshole. She ended it with him and in a little while found someone she thought was better than her ex. They got engaged soon thereafter, and when her ex found out, he made a complete turnaround because he thought he lost her. The ex found out she was single, after the second guy abused her, and asked her out many months ago. Today they've bought a home, soon to be married and are planning on kids. So you're wrong; people CAN change. The shitty part is though, it's completely up to the asshole to change.