By brooke - 21/03/2012 17:12 - United States - Kissimmee

Today, while driving home from school, I noticed one of our hot quarterbacks in the car behind me. Trying to impress him, I pulled into the driveway of an expensive-looking house. To my horror, he pulled in behind me and asked what I was doing at his house. FML
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YDI, why make a guy judge you from where you live than who you really are. Hope you had a good excuse for pulling up to his place.


YDI, why make a guy judge you from where you live than who you really are. Hope you had a good excuse for pulling up to his place.

People like OP really make me wonder. It's not that hard to just be yourself like who cares if you live in a big house or not

Agreed. You'd think people would see the pattern in all the FMLs involving botched attempts to impress people with lies.

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Maybe I'm just stupid but does anyone else know why it saws "yeah! Way I show 'em" instead of you deserved it? It only shows up for a while. I don't get it haha sorry if I'm behind on this...

@24 It says that if you choose YDI :)

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Haha okay! I feel I bit stupid now but thanks for explaining it! :) I have no pity for the OP

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Because that's what makes someone irresistible. A nice house. **** their personality and good looks, right?

OP in this kind of situation there is only one thing to do: Hit 'n' Run.

Op tried to impress another person with her parents success?? Yeah....

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Op could just say, i had to make a quick call.. Ya? No?

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You should just say you needed to turn around.

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I guess I must be the only one who could give less of a **** who's in the car in front of me while I'm driving... If some person pulls off into a big house, I don't drive by trying my best to see who's in the car... So her turning was completely pointless if it wasn't even his house

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He prolly didn't even know that was u in front of him anyways so even of that had been your house he wouldn't have cared lol he's a guy he doesn't think about stuff that much

Right?? Plus some one could live in a nice house n have good money but they could have a shitty personality/treat u like shit an theres the poor person who has the best most amazing personality!!! Dont judge a book by its cover!!! If u want to impress some one then tgey will be impressed by who U Really are......thats how u learn also goes with good looks.....fine ass mf horrible shitty personality....normal lookin person can b the sweetest u never know....i dont think ive ever liked some one bcuz of how much money or wat they got but how they treat me

Even if it weren't his house, and he noticed you driving, and it eventually evolved into dating him, what was the plan when he inevitably had to come to 'your' house? "oh yeah, we sold our mansion and downgraded to a shack"

I agree with you 113. I never pay attention to who the person is driving in front of me. He probably would not have noticed if it wasn't his house.

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Because you're showing them that they deserved it, I guess.

I would of just said," Oh I'm turning around."

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One of the funniest FML's I've ever read!

"This is an intervention, Kyle...we're very concerned about you."

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She should have just said "You" and went from there.

It's not a u-turn if you pull into a driveway...that's a three-point turn.

Ive dont u turns from drive ways and cul-de-sacs!!!

Smooth. You could have turned it around in your favor though.

"Oops, I thought this was my friend's house!" Or Act like you were using his driveway to turn around in? That's just really awkward... I hope you came up with a good cover.

Who else would do something like this but a kid?

11- I would just like to point out that disregarding someone's argument for "talk lik dys" does not make it invalid, merely ignored. Validity is separate from grammar. ( It can be noted that persuasive merit is strongly linked to proper prose, however. )

157- You sound pretty obnoxious. Honestly, I'm not changing it, so I'm not even going to pretend to care about your "correction". I should probably put something in there about pricks like you though, shouldn't I?

Should have been like, "oh this is your house? Mine looks exactly the same!"

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That's terrible advice. Please do not give yourself a round of applause.

I pity the fools who try to write a funny comment and then get thumbed down by ******* god's wrath because their comment was simply idiotic.

All that would accomplish would be to make her look like even more of an idiot.

LOL "I love sports, my favorites ones include basketball"

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The basketball comment and the Bieber hanging next to her explain everything.

Okay so how did the subject turn from the FML to making fun of me? I think it's starting to get a little uncalled for.

126- People on the internet can be cruel at times, but dont take it personally we all do it from time to time. Even you will find yourself being a judgemental asshole one day to some poor unsuspecting bastard. Anyway, I forgot what the FML was...

126- Kay, shake it off, forget about it. It's just people talking, don't let it bother you. I didn't think much of your comment either honestly, but you shouldn't be concerned with what I/we think. Just do better next time, no worries. Chin up! :)

It turned to making fun of you because you made a dumbass comment. Did you really need to ask?

Tell him you've been living in his basement for the last year

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Or tell him you have a strange fetish for pooping on rich looking driveways. Then just drive off.

I don't see why this would ever be a good idea.

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You pulled over to give him your number.

^Okay, the first your I thought you were being an I realize that you're just a troll. Can the staff do anything about this before he becomes too much of a nuisance?