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Today, my dad was driving me home and was angrily explaining how my boyfriend was a bad influence and that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. After finally convincing him to give him another chance, we stopped at a traffic light just in time to see my boyfriend being chased by police. FML
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egc573 40

Well, your dad certainly can't deny that your boyfriend has impeccable timing.


Smh. That sucks. Maybe you should find a boyfriend that's a bit more pleasing to the parents. If you really love him though, stick with him.

Regardless, unless he's being wrongly convicted (which probably isn't the case seeing that he's running), she should break it off whether or not she loves him.

That is the WORST choice you can make. If the boyfriend loved her then he would try to be pleasing to her parents and make sure she is able to be with him without the law and his behavior getting in the way. He makes the choice on who he hangs out with. If the parents still have legal custody over Op then she has no say in who she is allowed to hang out with or date, since she is legally under her parents jurisdiction. However telling someone to stick with a potential low life and criminal is stupid. She should move on a find a real man who will love her and be with her, without screwing up.

#1 - Bad advice. Don't stay with a loser drop kick that [i]WILL[/i] drag you down.

frank_dt 5

16 the boyfriend isnt there to please the parents.

30. While the boyfriend isn't there to 'please the parents' its quite disrespectful to go against their wishes. I never would have even thought about falling for someone if I knew my parents wouldn't approved. No parent wants their teenage girl to date a low life, disrespectful punk.

Instead of dumping him why don't you try and help him?

Sounds to me like she's tried. Honestly, 'trying to help' doesn't work. If it's a problem now, more than likely it will be a problem down the road. Not to mention she's a teenager. I'm sure it would be much better for her future if she cut her losses and moved on.

1-So by your logic if I dated someone who kicked puppies and punched babies I should continue dating them so long as I love them?

They're just misunderstood. You have to take it in context.

hockeyoceancity 13

47- That is completely different. You don't know why OP's boyfriend was getting in trouble for. If it was just stealing from a store that is different then conflicting damage upon little animals. Although i agree the boyfriend is probally not someone OP should be seeing if he doesn't try to impress OP's parents and keeping OP safe by his actions.

hahasooo 2

I am in this same situation. My boyfriend has done a lot to to stay with me and please my parents when he meets them. My parents havent even met him and are already judging him because I told them he has 2 tattoos. But I agree, your boyfriend should atleast try to get along with your parents and change for the better. goodluck!

77: Tattoos are just decoration; it's not your bf's fault that your parents have a ridiculous idea that anyone with a tattoo must be a troublemaker. The OP's bf IS a bad influence; we don't know what he's into but resisting arrest is a bad sign.

Jparks2244_fml 0

&35 your parents opinion might not always be the best thing. Their own prejudice may get in the way... Saying that you'd never go against your parents wishes means you don't really make choices for yourself. My parents were totally against me dating my boyfriend only because he was black... Yet I ignored them did it anyway and went through a lot of bad things because of it. And it was worth it and we have been together for 3 years. Don't always "follow your parents rules"

It's also disrespectful to run from the police.

sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving your enemy another bullet, because they missed you with the first one...

egc573 40

Well, your dad certainly can't deny that your boyfriend has impeccable timing.

Hopefully his timing is that good in bed ;)

Bad boys, bad boys. What cha gonna dooo. What cha gonna do, when they come for you.

shawnaishere 14

Still hanging out with the bad crowd, I see.

TriflingAllDay 6

Hey dont jump to conclusions ... Maybe they were racing ... I race with cops all the time ... Actually I don't but just trying to give this guy another chance

Parents don't give second chances. They're firm believers in first impressions sadly.

He was being chased by the police, you retard....

lovelyheadache-the comments you make leave me with headaches that are anything but lovely.

hotPinklipstick 24

Actually he offered another chance, just in time to see his daughters boyfriend acting a fool. I understand you have an opinion but look at it from a parents point of view. No parent wants their son/daughter dating someone that could possibly lead them down the wrong path in life. In my opinion OP should leave him while she can. There are plenty of decent guys out there that she could be with rather than wasting her time on a low life.

linkinpark98 23

20 - Yeah, we know that but you didn't have to use such a cruel word. :c

TxCountryBeauty 10

Daddy knows best!.... Well not all the time cause he probably hates every guy OP dates though he definitely knows best with this one!

Maybe Op's boyfriend is so damn sexy, even the cops want him.

TxCountryBeauty 10

Lol squeaky's comment had my laughing my butt off! N yea daddy may be over protective but that's just cause he cares!

"They're obviously chasing baddies together, Dad." should probably pick your butt up off the floor before Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian grab it and add it to their collection.

TxCountryBeauty 10

Yea squeaks I would like to keep my butt... It may not be huge n disproportionate but it's still mine n I think it's cute no matter what... I can't have it be a part of that fake wanna be rapper who calls herself nicki minaj!

badmike89 6

Ummm I think just maybe your dad may be on to something if you were my daughter I would have shot him already

If only you convinced your dad to give him two more chances.

Like really..but once you screw up its hard to earn a second chance. When you screw up your second chance, time to move on.

Nice timing, couldn't have gotten any better